The Difference Between Driver And Chauffeur

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Do you think a chauffeur and a driver are practically the same things? If so, you are not correct, but you are not the only one who thinks this? It is a general problem that a lot of people face. While a professional driver and a chauffeured service are employed to drive a passenger vehicle, some differences make these two different professions. Before you hire or get quotes for an expert driver service or corporate chauffeur offers, you are required to be fully aware of the distinctions between the services available.

Services Does a Driver or Chauffeur Offer

A driver is hired to handle a passenger vehicle to get you from one point to another, nothing more or nothing less. On the other hand, a chauffeur driver is hired to offer a service extending beyond just driving a passenger wherever they wish to go. They are there to provide each requirement of your need, from reserving bookings and fetching things to doing trips to shops, sourcing flowers, and picking up dry cleaning. As long as your demand is within the limits of the law, chauffeurs can easily run your bits to fulfill any particular request. If you want to get the scenic route to your option destination or take any detour, such demands are also allowed.

Professional Drivers and Chauffeurs Dressings

A unique distinction between an expert driver and a chauffeur is their dressing, their choice of uniform. A chauffeur is particularly needed to appear very polished, be well-dressed and appear in a pressed dark suit and tuxedo, tie, dress shirt, gloves, and dress shoes. They may also get a hat and an overcoat that appears in their suit during colder times. A driver’s uniform tends not to be very formal, and they will generally appear in a good suit or a shirt or jacket worn with the company branding and logo along with slacks or polished shoes.

Vehicles Do Drivers and Chauffeurs Drive

Chauffeurs are usually hired to shift clients in a luxury sedan, limousine, or executive van to ensure the appearance of a professional, confidential and comfortable service is given in all aspects of the services. A driver service will generally handle a fleet of standard and luxury vehicles where you can opt for the type of vehicle they want to be shifted.


Companies may also need that chauffeurs take part in etiquette training programs and different driver training courses so that they can handle themselves out of all types of situations that may arise, like changing a flat tire or driving in extreme conditions. With a chauffeur service, the focus is not particularly on providing you safely and securely to your desired destination. It is also to deliver a better standard of care and customer service from start to finish. A driver is professionally trained to drive you around for your errands and not only provides you the service as a chauffeur.