Spending time with your child is beneficial to their development and overall well-being since it fosters solid relationships and boosts their confidence. Understanding the fact, for responsible parents to organize their time to spend with each other and to have family fun day activities as part of their normal life. This way, Children get worldly exposure which boosts their practical understanding of what they see and observe, they learn new skills which cherish their IQ necessary for education, future career selection, and interpersonal relationships, as well as knowledge of the world and themselves.

Here, at the OECI (office of early childhood initiative) in the city of Milwaukee, we want to make it easy to take care of your family or babies. We provide many resources and activities for parents or caregivers to promote social-emotional development, cognitive growth, and the lifelong success of all children in Milwaukee. We have the mission to inspire all children to wonder and explore their world through play and innovative, hands-on learning experiences and transform children’s futures through early talk technology and data-driven programs. We believe that high-quality early learning in the first years of life is the most effective investment for your baby’s future.

Our office of early childhood initiative has secured partnerships with organisations working depend on young children and families and created initiatives to advance early childhood education in Milwaukee. We are joining hands with multiple organisations to organise certain events that can be helpful for the first 0-3 year baby’s growth towards the right way. You can enjoy all our events by simply enrolling in our program. We try to connect families and childcare providers with existing resources that support the healthy development of children. 

We allow you to take an active part in family fun day activities that can also promote the physical, social, and emotional well-being of families and their children. We provide opportunities to enjoy family fun day activities like those given below:- 

Our tie-up with The Milwaukee-based museums for the Art, Public and Betty Brinn Children, has interactive exhibits and engaging educational programmes. Here children learn more about art and public relations. It promotes acknowledgement among children about early literacy, a beginning boost for maths and science concepts and enhances their problem-solving, physical and social skills.

Our tie-up with Milwaukee County Zoo will inspire public understanding, support and participation in the global conservation of animal species and their environment. It creates a unifying bond between our visitors and the otherly living species on the planet and provides an environment for personal rejuvenation and enjoyment.

Milwaukee Public Library is an anchor institution that contributes to the development of family’s relations with their children and other dynamic communities, the process gives rise to a stronger foundation towards our Milwaukee aim for assisting people in reading, learning, and connecting.