Ted Jiancheng Zhou – The Founder of Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc


Ted Jiancheng Zhou, a well-known academic and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience working in the building and development industries, is the founder of Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc. Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Ted Jiancheng Zhou

Dr. Ted Zhou has great expertise in various fields, including residential, commercial, and other areas, both in the United States and abroad. He thinks that the most practical and beneficial method to put money into an investment is to conduct business that satisfies customers’ requirements, such as by segmenting the market and allocating funds to various subsets. Because of his novel approaches to the future and the direction he foresees events, the Evertrust Development Group has expanded very rapidly.

Evertrust is distinctive in that it offers “useful investments” to the people who buy it and the community. This benefit extends beyond the purchasers of the product. Because of this, it presents itself as an appealing option. In his head, Dr. Zhou has constructed himself as a “Happy Lifestyle Provider.” His goal is to build high-quality homes that are also outfitted with high-quality facilities, with the expectation that this will result in happy lives for whoever purchases one of his properties. Evertrust’s underlying philosophy is that the communities it produces should be healthy, happy, high end and affordable. This indicates that the organization is “customer-oriented” in all that it does, which, in essence, means that everything it does is focused on providing customers with the most outstanding value possible for their money.

Ted Jiancheng Zhou is also the owner of a licensed construction company, QTC Construction Group which is HCRA licensed (The Home Building and Renovations Act) and a Tarion-registered builder. QTC provides customers with high-quality construction control services and is a first-class professional construction team.