Smartphone Battery is Damage If Showing These Signs? Hire Experts

Cell Phone Repair

Did you listen to the phrase; nothing lasts forever? Yes, the same goes for your smartphone batteries. We haven’t tried unlimited energy sources that make our smartphone’s battery elite. Also, we should tolerate their limited lifespan. However, recent research indicates that multiple batteries lose the capacity from 300-600 cycle counts. Also, things can be irritating if you don’t pay attention to your smartphone battery condition. The experts at Cell Phone Repair Wilmington, NC, claim people usually lose their phone battery because they don’t notice the damaging signs in the beginning. If you are unsure whether your phone’s battery is completely dead or declining slowly, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the important signs that will force you to consider whether you should repair the battery now.  

The Battery Will Not Respond

According to Cell Phone Repair Wilmington, NC, it is one of the most significant signs that most mobile users ignore. However, it is the easiest way to recognize if your phone’s battery is damaged. Your phone will not turn on without a proper power supply. Though it turns on when you plug it in with the charger, the display is still black. 

Some people consider it a display issue instead of knowing the root of the problem in their device’s battery. But before stepping into a repair shop, you should check your phone’s charger because sometimes it can cause a problem. You can try a different charger to confirm the battery issue.  

You’ll not See the Charging Signs

If you have done all the testing steps for checking your phone battery, the technicians at Cell Phone Repair Wilmington, NC, will move to the next step. They will connect the charger to the charging points and observe for a few minutes. It will be great if your phone powers on and work in good condition. But if your technician still finds the same issue after removing it from the charging point, your phone’s battery is dead. This process also determines that your phone only works when on charge. 

The Battery Will Drop Off After Charge

According to a recent estimate, smartphone models from 2015 or later have 5-8 hours of battery life after charging. The experts at Mr Phix claim that charging hours can drastically vary depending on the user to the user. If you frequently use the phone, there are more chances of low battery life. Similarly, if you use battery-draining apps- or forget to close all apps, the phone’s charging can drop within a 3- 4 hours range. 


However, playing the hot potato game with your smartphone is not good because you have invested a lot of money. It is not good to show irresponsibility with your device because you already have time to search for the best device or model according to your will. Experts at iPhone Repair Wilmington, NC, revealed that the average range of every phone’s battery or temperature lies between 68-86 Fahrenheit. 

Even your battery can work above this level, but it will affect your phone’s other parts and performance. However, it will also affect the battery’s life, and the battery can damage. Moreover, if you feel a hot touch from your phone, it is hazardous and a sign that your phone’s battery is on its last leg.  

Battery Bulging 

Last but not least, if your phone screen automatically starts to unseat from the phone’s frame, it indicates that a damaged battery pushes the screen upward. The experts at Cell Phone Repair Wilmington, NC, refer to this process as the battery bulging. It usually occurs due to the overcharging of the battery cells. This process is the same as overheating. Therefore, you should remove the charger when you see 70 to 80% charging your device.   

Wrapping It Up

If you are a smartphone user and your device is showing these signs that we discussed above, you should approach Cell Phone Repair in Wilmington NC, as soon as possible. No negligence is applicable when it comes to repairing your smartphones and other devices. It is the right time to get help from professionals to make things better for you. 

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