Small, Mid or Big: Christopher Salis’s Approach to Reinvent Your Business


Christopher Salis is a well-known name in business advocacy and SAP consultation. With an experience of two decades, Chris Salis has been providing business solutions to small, mid-sized and big companies. Being a visionary, he always focuses on tapping on opportunities rather than lamenting about downturns in the economy. 

Whether it is an economic crisis or a business loss due to internal factors, Chris Salis stresses the need to identify opportunities even in bad circumstances. He advises that it is better to transform your business models than to rectify the losses. The recent digitization is demanding more attention towards business transformation over making policies.

Christopher Salis, a Purdue University graduate, and a tech enthusiast is of the view that it is better to use technologies to solve today’s business problems as the traditional methods seemed to be not working anymore. A change in the business model using SAP software will be an ideal step in reinventing and growing your business a step further.

Resilience, Flexibility and Growth

Rigidness in any business can be harmful. If you want to grow you have to be flexible enough to adapt to the business environment. Chris spent his years managing the strategic department at GAP for a long time. What he learned as a strategic manager is worth sharing. Chris shares that resilience; flexibility and growth are three terms that should keep sparking in your head no matter what the situation is.

If you are not resilient then it not possible for you to bear bad situations that cause loss to your business. It is important to get back to the normal situation once you start recovering from losses. Just remember you are resilient if you recover quickly.

Flexibility is the ability to keep investing in particular changes for example digitization after the recent crisis. As a business owner, you should focus on investing in innovation even in times of crisis. An early investment can save you from possible shocks in the future. Christopher says one who has a vision has a natural ability to reinvest.

Growth happens when something changes in your business. This can be a change in business model or a change in software automation. Wondering why you should change something? You change your business model when a crisis happens or you incur losses. A change is a proof that you want to grow and go ahead of your competitors.

Final Words

According to Christopher Salis, it is not easy to get back to normal while satisfying your employees, customers and other business parties. You have to be an intelligent entrepreneur if you want to reinvent your lost business. For this, you have to bridge the gap between customers and your product, create a business ecosystem where employees can dwell on it easily and provide value to your shareholders and customers.

The implementation of these three will not only enhance your business value but also give your business a competitive edge. Christopher Salis advises using SAP as a tool to bridge the gap that has led to mistrust among customers. He has served as a Vice President at Palo Alto and helped the company grow by 300%. Being a SAP specialist, he always advocates the implementation of SAP to reinvent and grow your business.