Sean Tarpenning ” Whatever it Takes” Mentally

Sean Tarpenning

About Sean Tarpenning

Sean Tarpenning is CEO at USREEB and fund manager at investor 1st funds who works to help his clients achieve their investment goals using the best investment strategies. With his past work and achievement, he believes in whatever it takes, a mentality that sets him different from the rest. He’s also an inspiration to people as he helps them in a better position than before. He spends his time well managing his businesses and giving back to the community.

Sean Tarpenning: Using A Mind Map To Solve Business Problems

A mind map is a method of writing things down in a way that makes a map of your thoughts and ideas. You can use shapes, symbols, and more to represent different points and ideas, and it will be easier to look at and digest your ideas as it makes your main idea the central part of the map. 

Changing it up

While solving the problem, you might want to change a few things. Ensure you add resources essential for solving the issue as a problem may have more than one solution. While separating all solutions, including all the resources needed, noting the roadblocks. It will make your choice easier. You’ll notice solutions that work together and the leading solution to implement.

Understand the bigger picture

By putting all the information in one spot, it will be easier for you to look at the problem with a third eye to understand the bigger picture. You can use an online cloud-based mind mapping solution. It will help you make a cleaner and more helpful mind map as you won’t leave anything marked out when you look at it. Mind mal is useful for big-picture thinking and narrowing down things to target. You’ll end up with steps to the solutions you’ve chosen and then be able to go right out and start adding tasks to your calendar to be successful. However, if you are not naturally creative, you can learn to become more creative by developing your innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. 


Sean Tarpenning says a problem-solving skill is a process but essential for both work and your private life. You should be open to solving problems. It is necessary to develop your mental, analytical and creative skills to be a good problem solver. It will help you think logically, put things in order, and evaluate whether a solution is suitable for a problem or not.