Sara Wallace – A Talented Executive Producer In London

Sara Wallace

Sara Wallace is the Executive Producer at SMUGGLER London. She oversees all creative outputs for Europe and Asia. She worked for Droga5 in New York, where she produced film and live events. She produced a live event for Beyonce and a music video for Mother while at Droga5. This was in support of the UN. The performance at the General Assembly Hall attracted Michelle Obama. 

What is it like to be an executive producer?

The film’s Executive Producer handles its finances. They may bring in investors, such as an independent finance company or studio, or invest their own capital. They are responsible for ensuring that the production receives the funds it requires throughout its life. They are also the liaison between film’s financiers, and project’s Producers.

Executive Producers can also provide funding. They will be responsible for locating intellectual property (IP) as well as packaging the production with the right format and talent. The team will then present the project to studios in order to find a buyer.

The Executive Producers play a key role in selecting top talent for the project, such as actors and directors, and in hiring producers. They ensure that the project stays within its budget and fulfils its creative promises.

There are many types of Producers:

  •  Associate Producers (Co-producers), 
  • Lead Producers (Line Producers), 
  • Creative Producers and Executive Producers [EPs]. 

Each one has a unique classification based on their contribution or responsibilities to a project.

The title of Producer is usually reserved for the producer who leads the majority of the production. They raise funds, manage the financial closing, the casting, supervise the budget and schedule, and are the primary point of contact for all productions.

To protect the contributions of Producer credits, projects usually reserve one to two Producer credits. Any of the other sub-producers-Associate Producers, Executive Producers-these are effectively limitless, but the more shared credits you add to any project, the more you dilute their perceived value.

The Executive Producer credit is usually earned by making a significant contribution to the project’s success, whether it be through service or investment. Sometimes, individuals may be credited for multiple roles in a production. Writing and directing, acting and producing, and directing and producing are all possible roles. These situations are where people are paid for multiple levels of responsibility.

She returned to London and produced Guinness “Sapeurs”, at AMV BBDO. This was one of the most prestigious advertising film campaigns worldwide. After creating work for Julien McDonald, Balmain and Refinery29 she started her own fashion advertising agency. 

 Sara Wallace  then joined SMUGGLER. She joined SMUGGLER in 2005 and has been instrumental in recruiting new talent, as well as developing the company’s existing work. She  is a board member of Rich Mix, an East London charity Arts Centre and cinema.