Sandakphu Trek – Everything You Need to Know 



One of the most popular treks India has to offer is the Sandakphu Phalut Trek. You will actually be travelling in and out of Nepal on multiple occasions because it is located at the border between India and Nepal. The night sky here, also known as the trekker’s wonderland, will wow you. You can also enjoy yourself by travelling to Darjeeling and Sikkim. It is worthwhile to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Darjeeling Railway Station.

The Red Panda, which is the state animal of just Sikkim. Even yet, some individuals maintain them, particularly in India and Nepal. You can see Mount Everest if you travel to North Sikkim. Another adventure to have in a Darjeeling small-town is a day hike through Tumling. The majority of locations and areas will give you a sense of Nepal during your vacation so you may enjoy both India and Nepal.

During the Sandakphu Trek, you will encounter trekkers’ huts along the path. You can presume that your trip starts when you see the mountains and the trekkers’ hut.

Unquestionably the jewel of the nation and the highlight of West Bengal, Darjeeling is a town located in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal. Darjeeling is appropriately referred to as the “queen of hills” because of the Mount Kanchenjunga, the highest mountain in India, which towers over the clear blue sky. Additionally, Siliguri in northern West Bengal is home to Bagdogra Airport. Along the sharp mountain peaks, vast tea estates resemble emerald green ribbons.

A mountain range spanning from northwest West Bengal into Sikkim, which lies close to the Nepal border, is known as the Singalila Ridge. A little settlement called Tonglu is well known for its vista of the Singalila Range’s snow-capped peaks. The Singalila ridge and Singalila range are both included in the Singalila National Park. The main mountain range in West Bengal, known as the Singalila Range and Singalila Ridge, is where the trek route crosses the Indo-Nepal border and merges into the southern ridge of Kanchendzonga.

The Singalila National Park in the lovely state of West Bengal was designated a wildlife refuge in 1986. Road access to Singalila National Park is excellent. However, the roads in Singalila National Park are circular, and the trip can seem to move in waves, giving you the impression of a strenuous day hike. When you’re not gawking in awe at Kanchenjunga, the fourth-highest mountain in the world, you might choose to go on a trip that will have such an impact on your life that it will completely alter your outlook. Between Chomolungma and Kanchenjunga is Three Sisters Peak. Due to similarities and close proximity, Three Sisters Peak received its moniker.

Other stunning Sikkim peaks including Kabru, Kumbhakarna, Simvo, Goeche, and Pandim are seen to the slight right of the Sleeping Buddha. These mountains’ peaks all give off the impression that Buddha is dozing off, and they resemble this image quite a bit. The 46-meter-long, gold-leafed statue of the sleeping Buddha erected in Bangkok resembles Sleeping Buddha Peak.

Height of Sandakphu Trek

Because the elevation of the Sandakphu and Phalut journey is around 12,000 feet, or roughly twice as low as that of Mount Everest, we also refer to it as Sandakphu Peak. The length of the Sandakphu Phalut walk is roughly 46 kilometres. To comfortably complete the trek and acclimatise, it takes about 7 days. This fascinating journey also passes through a thick forest. Trekkers will never forget the mesmerising view of Mount Everest from Sandakphu Peak.

Sandakphu Trek Climate

Temperatures range from 8 to 15 degrees centigrade from May to April, while they range from 8 to -8 degrees centigrade from October to December during the Sandakphu trek in West Bengal, which is close to Mount Everest. The best time to do the Sandakphu Phalut trek is from mid-February to May because at this time of year there will be plenty of snow, which will make the Sandakphu Phalut trek experience even more magical.

However, the Sandakphu trek is mesmerising all year round if you are travelling West Bengal. During the Sandakphu hike, you may see the majority of the highest peaks in the world completely blanketed in new, pure snow. If you reside in the plains where it frequently reaches the mid-fifties, sandakphu phalut in June is thought to be particularly refreshing. Due to West Bengal’s unpredictable weather, the Sandakphu hike is not recommended during the monsoon season, which lasts from July to September. 


Journey to Sandakphu Difficulty

The Sandakphu Phalut hike is rated as having a moderate degree of difficulty. A crossover track for the Sandakphu trip begins in Jauhari and ends in Sepi. The Sandakphu phalut trek map is better to have with you because the track is fairly long and difficult to follow. Because of the type of terrain in this area, the trail is regarded as one of the safest trails. One of the very few high mountain adventures that is least likely to cause Acute Mountain Sickness is the Sandakphu trek.


When to go on the Sandakphu Trek

Winter is the ideal time to go on the Sandakphu Phalut trek because there won’t be any humidity in West Bengal. In the areas where the Sandakphu Phalut walk takes place, winters are frigid and summers are lovely. From October to March, when there will be a thick layer of snow to walk on, is the ideal time to do the Sandakphu Phalut Trek. The entire Sandakphu trek region and the close-by hills will offer a stunning backdrop. You will be able to see the snow-covered peaks of some of the tallest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest.

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