Renowned Architecture of The Decade: Leesa Fazal

Leesa Fazal

While planning to build your dream home, you may be stressed wondering how to renovate and redesign your home. But that shouldn’t trouble you, as this post will help you learn much about developing a creative architectural design project for your home or office space. You may still have difficulty coming up with an innovative design without getting assistance from a professional individual. While mentioning experts in architectural design,  Leesa Fazal can help you professionally handle your job, and she’ll also offer you advice on implementation and a wide range of services.

Crucial phases for any Architectural Design

  • Schematic Design

the first phase of the architectural design. It involves connecting the designer and the client to conclude the vision of the project and the overall goal. The first discussion covers some critical elements of the project, including its scope, purpose, and use. This phase of the architectural design also includes a slight cost estimate for each option we provide to assist you in making your budget.

  • Design Development

It’s a phase that brings the proposals and results of the first phase in one step. During this phase, the architectural designer completes the design chosen by the client. Then begins work on the general structural details of the building, such as the location of the doors and windows and the materials used. The design development phase of the architectural design process involves many interrelationships between the client and the design team. Both parties work together to complete the design before advancing to the next level.

  • Construction Documents

When the construction documentation phase begins, the design is already completed by the designer and approved by the customer. During this phase, the architectural designer begins work on the construction plans, technical details required for tenders, construction, permit applications, and other project-related notes. Documents created in this phase of the architectural design are needed for the construction contractors, who will start preparing for the next stage of the process with the help of drawings and other details.

  • Bidding

It’s the fourth phase of the architectural design. It’s probably the most straightforward step of all design phases; the purpose of the tender is to identify the construction company working on the project. Part of the designer’s work is to help his clients find the most suitable construction company based on their expertise and costs.

  • Construction Administration

It’s the fifth phase. It begins with the completion of the project documentation and the selection of the contractor. If construction continues, the client must ensure that the building is constructed following the project specifications. As the name implies, the construction administration includes an architect who supervises construction.


Leesa Fazal Las Vegas is a competent and highly spirited architect who is ready to handle all challenging aspects of her clients depending on their project to implement a solution that will get them to satisfaction. Therefore with Leesa Fazal, architectural activities depend on the nature of the architectural firm, the rules of local affiliation, the client’s preferences, and how the architects are involved in the various stages of construction.