Reasons why your business needs video surveillance Atlanta.


Is your business as well-protected as it should be? Do you know what goes on when you’re not there to see it firsthand? As a business owner, you want to ensure that your investment is protected against loss from the public or your employees.

Due to their early and late hours and sometimes short staffing, gas stations, convenience, and liquor stores are often subject to more crime and violence, a growing concern among many of Society’s policyholders. Other businesses such as restaurants, taverns, and grocery stores experience increasing numbers of slips and falls. Having an effective system of video surveillance Atlanta will help deter shoplifting and employee theft, and it can also prove valuable when trying to document crimes and injury claims by customers or employees. Many newer digital systems allow you to review your footage from a smartphone, even if you are not onsite.


Video surveillance deters crime.

One of the benefits of installing a video surveillance system is that simply having one will often deter crime. Potential criminals will see that you have taken extra steps to protect your business and its patrons – and may be deterred from vandalizing or shoplifting, knowing that you can catch them in the act, says Your New Gate Company. An additional safety measure is to place a spot monitor showing customers as they enter your business. When they see themselves on surveillance at the front of the store, they will be less likely to shoplift. At a minimum, indoor cameras should cover the entrances and cash registers. At the register, you want to be able to see the customer as well as the cash drawer. An enhanced system would cover every aisle in a store or every seating area in a restaurant, along with full coverage of the back of the house.

Video surveillance protects the outside of your business.

Consult with or use a professional contractor when installing video surveillance systems to ensure you have adequate coverage outside with a minimum of blind spots. As a rule of thumb, every entrance and exit should be covered along with the parking lot. Take special care to cover back alleys, rear entrances, and any area where someone would try to conceal themselves. It should go without saying that rear entrances should always be kept locked. Rear entrances can be prime targets for criminals looking to access a safe or back office area where money is handled. They will try to enter when someone exits to take out the trash or if they see the rear door has been propped open. A video surveillance Atlanta covers the rear entrance allows you to record the daily comings and goings of the business but also lets employees make sure that the area is safe before opening the door to take out the trash or accept deliveries.

Video surveillance increases parking lot safety.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for many business owners, says Your New Gate Company. However, it doesn’t mean much if customers and their vehicles are not safe on your property. Employee safety should be no less important, especially if they’re required to walk to and from their vehicles in the dark at extremely early or late hours. Adequate lighting and video surveillance of parking areas can reduce vehicle break-ins and vandalism and increase the personal safety of customers and employees as they enter and exit their cars.

By protecting your business, employees, and customers with an effective video surveillance system, you are improving your investment’s overall operation, efficiency, safety, and profitability. Video surveillance and fire alarm panels will also give you, the business owner, a way to protect your business around the clock while providing less stress and greater peace of mind!