Reasons for Hiring Professionals for Real Estate Night Photography


With the rise of technology, everything is becoming digital. Even real estate photography and marketing have become digital. 

It’s faster, cheaper, and allows for more flexibility. Plus, it makes searching for homes online much easier since most real estate sites have a feature for narrowing your search by different categories such as price, number of bedrooms, etc.

If you’re new to real estate night photography and are confused about whether you should shoot your property yourself with your camera or hire a professional for it, then don’t worry. 

This article will clarify all your doubts by explaining why hiring a professional is much better.

Professional Real Estate Photographers know the Technicalities:

Real estate night photography is all about angles and light; professionals know exactly how to position the camera and what settings to use to ensure they get the best possible image of a house. This includes factors such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

If you’re not familiar with what these terms are, then you are not going to get a high-quality photo. 

This is why a real estate photographer with years of experience in the real estate industry, like Fotosold, should be hired.

Professional photographers use DSLR cameras:

Real estate photographers must use a DSLR camera to get high-quality images. Using a point-and-shoot camera, you’re likely to get blurry or grainy images. 

DSLR cameras are specifically designed for professional photographers. They have better image sensors and allow for higher-quality images. Many DSLR cameras even can mount lenses for more versatility.

It’s an investment, not just a one-time cost:

While it is true that there is an upfront cost to hiring a real estate photographer, the benefits far outweigh that initial cost. A real estate photographer typically spends time going through the house, taking pictures, and researching comparable houses in the area and any nearby developments that could affect the value of your house. Once done with photos, the photographer will go through the editing process.

Showing accuracy of Colors and Dimensions:

The primary advantage of hiring a real estate photographer is that they will show the house’s true colors. 

Photos taken by a professional photographer would show the true colors of the house, accurately reflecting what the house would look like if someone were to walk inside. 

This is important because when people search for a house, they look at photos first. They may not be as interested if you have inaccurate photos of the house. 


Real estate photographers offer many benefits over self-taking photos. With a professional photographer, you know you are getting high-quality photos showing your house in the best light. 

Professionals also know how to take these photos in a way that will show accurate colors and dimensions. IN addition, Fotosold professionals also give you more flexibility in terms of the times and dates you can take your photos. If you do the photo shooting yourself, you cannot get the house photographed as quickly as you would like.