RealDefense CEO Gary Guseinov – And His Investor’s Perspective

Gary Guseinov

To restore the trust of potential investors, the company’s founder and CEO, Gary Guseinov, knows that it must develop.

Gary Guseinov, co-founder and CEO of RealDefense, is a serial entrepreneur and a respected advisor to other entrepreneurs. A former media executive, he founded his first ad tech company in 1994 and managed over $2 billion of media.

In 1994, Gary founded and ran Digital Media, a website designing and e-commerce company. A performance-based digital marketing agency, Synergy, was co-founded by him in 1998.

In 2003, he founded CyberDefense, a consumer privacy and security company, which he took from $0 to over $100 million in revenue in less than three years.

In 2003, Gary co-founded US Tech Support, which attracted institutional investors to $50 million. Web-based security, cloud storage, and live remote technical help are all included in US Tech Assistance to keep clients online.

Career Brief And Revenue Growth

CyberDefender Corp., computer security and call-in tech support provider based in downtown Los Angeles, has had 12 straight quarters of revenue growth. But its stock has taken a beating, and its products have been flamed on the internet. Founder and CEO Gary Guseinov recognizes that his company needs to improve to regain investor confidence.

Gary has served as an advisor in Silicon Valley and Sao Paulo during his career. Before joining RealDefense, he founded and led AnchorFree, which grew to over 600 million users. He also founded US Tech Support, which raised more than $50 million from multiple institutional investors. Today, the company provides cloud storage and live remote technical support to businesses and organizations worldwide.

While RealDefense is a reputable cybersecurity provider, its CEO Gary Guseinov shares his investor’s perspective on its prospects and plans. ‘There are many challenges and opportunities in the cybersecurity market, and it takes time and investment to build and maintain a thriving business. In his recent interview with Business Insider, he explained that he is not afraid of the future but is confident in the industry’s current state.


While the company has grown to six hundred million users, it has grown to more than a billion users. The company’s strategy is to protect against malware. It is backed by international investors and has over $250M in debt and equity. And he is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a VC. So why not? And why is the CEO a great match?

Consumer cybersecurity is a rapidly growing market. With the increasing sophistication of home networks and devices, cybersecurity threats are at an all-time high. And the challenge is global. The need for faster, more efficient security solutions is growing exponentially. Most security companies only sell packaged software without white-glove service. But there is a market for this company.