Real estate agents should have professional photographers even if homes sell quickly.

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The purpose of employing a professional estate photographer isn’t to sell the house but to market the agent selling the property.

This may sound odd to you. However, this idea is the basis for the requirement that real estate professionals best real estate photographers for each photo shoot, regardless of whether their houses sell at a ridiculous rate.

Three reasons to do it:

Reason #1. Your brand’s image is defined by the marketing you use.

When discussing the branding of a real estate agent, we’re discussing how prospective customers perceive them.

For example, if someone is interested in a prospective client who comes across an agent’s advertisement for a property in their neighborhood, what impressions are they making about the agent?

If all they must be able to see is the marketing materials for the property, the marketing campaign plays an important part. The use of photos that appear unprofessional could not have an impact on the value of a property in a market that is booming. However, they will certainly affect potential buyers’ impressions of that agent.

Check out an agent who uses quality photography from magazines, and it’s easy to imagine that a buyer seeking an agent to help sell their house will go with the agent who has made their listings appear as stunning as they could considering the constraints they were working with and not the agent who took their pictures.

Reason #2. It’s not needed right now, but it is for the future.

Homes could be sold within hours or days after they hit the market, yet the property market is likely to alter at some point. It could be a gradual shift or an abrupt grinding to a stop, but it is coming, and if that occurs, homes will take longer to sell, and the inventory will decrease.

Imagine reaching that moment when the number of new listings has slowed down. Then, sellers of homes are more careful when choosing which agent to work with because they realize they’ll need an agent that is reliable for selling their house within one month or even within the first six months.

Where can sellers locate an agent? First, they search online and seek out agents in their region.

What should they be looking at when they interview an agent? The first thing they’ll likely take a look at is the sale background of the agent. Next, they’ll browse through prior listings and then look at the photos, videos, and other information the agent has included.

For some sellers, that’s the best they can get. The decision on which agents they talk to can be determined by the list of previous sales in which they are asked, “Given the way that this agent has promoted properties in the past, do I want them to continue treating my house the same way?

If the pictures do not look appealing, they’ll likely answer with a clear ‘no’.

However, some homeowners will take things further and look deeper into the figures, looking at the agent’s sales history and how long it will have to sell a house, and at what price they receive. In a booming market, these figures can appear alike, so the buyer must consider the approach to marketing taken by every agent.

Do they wish to have their home sold in this manner with this particular agent or this method by the agent?

This is where the photo quality is crucial. If you make a mistake and your listings look unprofessional compared to your competitors, you could easily lose the seller to a different agent.

Reason #3. Sellers talk.

Imagine this conversation between a recently sold seller or their next-door neighbor.

Sara, Congrats on getting the deal done on your house! How was it for you?

Jill said: It was fantastic! We’re sure the market is extremely hot right now, and it’s no surprise to sell in three days. However, we were very impressed with our agent.

Sara: Wow, that’s fantastic! What agent did you choose to use?

Jill was our choice for Amanda Jones, and she was excellent right from the beginning. Although it’s easy to make a few alterations in this industry, she was all in. She spent hundreds of dollars to get professional photographers to shoot the pictures and create an online video on our property.

Sara: Do agents still do this?

Jill, The truth is that some do and others do not. I looked at other homes in our area and found that the agent owned them, and I was impressed with the photographer Amanda employed and the high quality of her outstanding photos! Amanda’s decision to engage an expert photographer to showcase our house in the best possible way truly impressed me. I would recommend Amanda to anyone.

In contrast, how would things turn out if the agent had taken the photos themselves?

Sara was indeed able to have had to sell her home. However, the discussion is likely to be on the speed of the market, not the realtor’s expertise. In that case, Our real estate broker Amanda Jones would barely get any mention.