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If you have a concrete floor, no matter how big or little, in the Quality flooring professional Rocklin has some of the best flooring options available. We can make the outside and inside of any foundation appear great, no matter how old, discolored, fresh, or cracked it may be. Professionally done in as little as one full day, a concrete floor from California Custom Coatings is more complex and better than ever, thanks to adequately chosen components.

Quality flooring professional Rocklin

Epoxy concrete coatings may be applied in various colors and patterns and are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Several epoxies provide the necessary durability when it comes to the specific stresses your concrete floors must endure. Slip-resistant paint is available upon request.

A Floor with Coves

Deluxe Flooring Expert specializes in coved concrete for commercial and residential clients in Rocklin. Epoxy coatings are often applied to coved concrete two to six inches up the wall. This prevents the wall bases, plaster, paint, and drywall from succumbing to water damage and dents.

Preparing Concrete for Polishing

Your concrete floors and countertops will be as shiny as new! Deluxe Flooring can transform ordinary concrete into a work of art using the latest coating technology. First, we’ll grind the concrete surface as smooth as possible. After that, we apply protective coatings and opulent dyes to bring out the shine. The final product is more robust and easier to maintain.

The Use of Metal in the Ground

You may get a glossy, glittering surface with remarkable depth using metallic coatings. Floor to ceiling, no two buildings are the same. Put your trust in California Custom Coatings to create a look uniquely yours.

Dyes for Concrete

To make concrete mimic the appearance of wood, stone, tile, or other natural materials and products, apply a color stain and a protective coating. In their color palette, California Custom Coatings offers a wide variety of neutral pH options. We emphasize making products that last and are risk-free.

Casting in Urethane

Deluxe Flooring’ urethane concrete is the most challenging coating they provide, outlasting even trowel-grade epoxy in terms of durability. In urethane cement, epoxy is linked with a specific adhesive to produce a material with epoxy’s adaptability and the concrete’s strength. It can withstand high temperatures with ease. Moreover, we may adjust the hue to your specifications.

Overlays in Concrete

Our industrial grinding process is only sometimes sufficient when preparing floors for epoxy Flooring installer, polishing, or concrete staining. When a concrete overlay is necessary, you can rely on Deluxe Flooring to install it. This creates a level surface that will extend the life of any new flooring.

Completely Non-Slip Coating

Slips and falls are the leading cause of injury. You should take precautions in any part of your house or company prone to becoming greasy or damp. The anti-slip treatment for concrete floors from Deluxe Flooring comes in various textures to meet your needs.

Remove Excess Moisture

Wetness on the floor is a serious problem. Water seeping through untreated concrete destroys most flooring materials. Make sure there is no moisture issue before covering a concrete floor. Epoxy coatings with a waterproof membrane are standard for Deluxe Flooring. Because of this, a base may be used with any flooring material. Any concrete, even freshly poured concrete, may have this durability added by Deluxe Flooring.


Using only the best, most durable materials is crucial to us. We have to provide Quality flooring professional in Rocklin. We promise to create the floor you wish since we provide three distinct kinds of high-quality surface coatings, a vast palette of primary colors and stains, and limitless permutations of flakes and granules. Multiple manufacturer warranties and our guarantee back up our work.