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Property Mates is the first Australian internet marketplace that facilitates the purchase or sale of fractional interests in real estate (from a 1% share up to 100% ownership).

Do You Have Australian Property That You Own?

If so, Property Mates allows you to sell all or part of the property while still keeping some equity in the deal, so you may achieve your financial objectives in whatever best fits you.

Faster Recovery With Decreased Risk

Thanks to our thorough property ownership search free australia procedure, you can be confident that the buyers and sellers you transact with are who they say they are. In addition, property Mates make it simple to locate a new owner for your share when the time comes to sell.

What’s The Deal?

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a house, Property Mates can put you in touch with a group of people who can assist you.

Put Up A Listing

Making a profile allows you to interact with other community members and helps us find the perfect buyers and sellers for your items.

Use only a few mouse clicks to locate buyers or real estate listings quickly. Then, get in touch with people interested in buying or selling property as a “group purchase” or do either of those things independently. Then, use our network of agents, finance specialists, lawyers, and insurers to help with the sale.


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To aid you with your transaction, we have included a Wizard. You’ll be introduced to our network of buyers’ agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, real estate agents, quantity surveyors, and conveyancers as you’re led through a series of straightforward steps. You may schedule a call with them at your convenience.

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Property Mates, How Much Does It Cost To Utilize It?

You may use Property Mates without paying anything. Any interested buyer may sign up for an account, search for available houses, and make new friends in our vibrant online neighborhood. In addition, sellers may post as many as three listings at no cost to network with other community members.

It costs nothing to become a part of our group of commercial enterprises. So, how do we make money? To cover the costs of maintaining and improving our Platform, we charge companies a 9% service fee for every reservation made via it.