Preston Byrd Reflects on The Power of Authentic Leadership


Preston Byrd of Horizon Companies is known for his exceptional leadership style and ability to inspire and motivate teams. Today, he will discuss the power of authentic leadership and how it can inspire and motivate teams to achieve extraordinary results.

What Authentic Leadership Means to Preston?

To me, authentic leadership (says Preston) is about leading with integrity and being true to oneself. It’s about being genuine, transparent, and consistent in your actions and words.

When leaders embrace authenticity, they create an environment where trust, respect, and open communication thrive. Authentic leaders lead by example and inspire their teams by showing vulnerability and empathy.

How Can Authentic Leadership Inspire and Motivate Teams in the Workplace?

According to Preston, authentic leadership is a powerful force that can truly transform a team. When team members see their leader as being authentic, they are more likely to trust and respect them.

This trust builds a solid foundation for collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Authentic leaders empower their teams by involving them in decision-making processes, valuing their opinions, and recognizing their contributions.

This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership and motivation among team members, enhancing performance and job satisfaction.

Personal Experiences of Preston Byrd Where He Witnessed the Impact of Authentic Leadership

When asked about his personal experience with authentic leadership, he recalls, “I led a team during a challenging period of organizational change. Instead of putting on a facade of unwavering confidence, I was transparent about the situation and acknowledged my own concerns”.

“By sharing my authentic thoughts and emotions, I created an environment where team members felt safe to express their own apprehensions. Together, we developed innovative solutions, fostered a culture of resilience, and emerged stronger as a team”.

Final Thoughts on Authentic Leadership

Preston says to all aspiring leaders out there, “I encourage you to stay true to yourself and lead with authenticity. Remember, your team is looking to you for guidance and inspiration. Be transparent, empathetic, and open-minded. Celebrate your team members’ unique strengths and perspectives and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. Authentic leadership has the power to transform not only your team but also your own leadership journey”.

About Preston Byrd

Preston Byrd, the man behind the book “I Don’t Rent, I Rent,” is much more than just an author. He’s a real estate developer, a visionary who creates generational wealth, a philanthropist, an inspiring motivational speaker, a trusted life coach, and a seasoned entrepreneur.

His accomplishments have garnered attention from renowned publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Medium, Thrive Global, and ESPNLA.

Preston Byrd of Horizon Companies has been recognized as an intentional leader, innovator, and business strategist for his remarkable achievements. But it’s not just about personal success for Preston; he genuinely cares about the world and strives to impact it positively.

Over the past two decades, Preston has seized countless opportunities to build thriving new businesses from scratch. As the driving force behind his continuously growing company, Horizon Companies, he brings his expertise as a real estate developer to the table.

His stewardship over multiple multi-million dollar enterprises has equipped him with valuable insights into the processes of success in real estate, business strategy, entrepreneurship, and community development.