Prepare Your Child For Year 5 NAPLAN Exams With Test Champs

NAPLAN practice Year 5
Test Champs offers the most accurate practice test papers to assist your children with NAPLAN practice Year 5.

What Is NAPLAN & Why It Is Needed? 

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority, or ACARA, introduced NAPLAN in 2008 to identify students’ capability and intellectual levels. NAPLAN stands for “National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy.” It is an annual-standardised test used to evaluate students’ literacy and numeracy skills levels. This test helps teachers and parents to better understand the children’s numeracy and literacy levels. NAPLAN tests students  in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (including Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation), and Numeracy. Every Australian student in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 is required to take this test. Although this test has no bearing on a child’s grade, it does assist teachers and parents in determining how they can help the child.

How Can Test Champs Help With NAPLAN Practice Year 5?

If you have a child who is going to appear in NAPLAN Year 5 exams, and you want them to perform better, Test Champs can help. You may have heard the quote, “Constant Practice can serve you with great results.” This quote is correct and applicable for aspirat students who want to clear the NAPLAN exam with flying colours. Test Champs offers the most accurate practice test papers to assist your children with NAPLAN practice Year 5. These exams are similar to the original NAPLAN exams and can help your children prepare for the final exam. 

Benefits Of Test Champs Test Papers

Time Management: The NAPLAN exam is time bound and needs proper practice to attend all the questions accurately in the given time. Test Champs offer NAPLAN practice tests under timed-conditions. With more practice, your child will be more confident in completing the tests under time pressure.

Building Confidence: It is a universal fact that when we see something new, we lack confidence in it. If your child does year 5 naplan practice using Test Champs practice test papers, they will feel confident and attend to the questions more accurately.

Lesser Mistakes: With more practice, the chances of your children making mistakes decrease. The content in these practice tests is very close to the NAPLAN exams. So practicing with Test Champs can reduce the chances of your child making mistakes.

Why Test Champs?

Test Champs strives to improve the overall knowledge of students. Our practice tests are curated and written by experienced teachers. Our dedicated teachers and writers create these practice tests after hours of analyzing the original NAPLAN question papers. 

While NAPLAN is a national exam, the selective school tests are run by each respective state. Our test writers ensure that the selective school tests for each state are appropriate for each state. If you are preparing your child for the selective school tests, you just need to ensure that you choose the state that you are in.