Online TEFL Courses USA – TEFL Academy Review


TEFL is quite the buzzword at the moment. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and thousands of people all over the world are studying TEFL in order to teach English abroad or online. In fact, they are even using their TEFL qualifications to teach in their hometowns to foreign students.

The TEFL Academy Reviews has really good reviews online from their alumni, but as is understandable with any online course, some students may have hesitations. Today we’re going to look at these concerns and see how The TEFL Academy stacks up.

The course is hard!

A big concern is that the course is difficult. 

One student says: “I just completed the TEFL Academy level 5 course! It was hard work – harder than I expected TBH, but I did learn a huge amount and now have an Ofqal accredited qualification which I can use to teach TEFL online.  I definitely recommend this course – if you have the time and energy to do it as  the assessments are not easy.”

A TEFL qualification is an introduction to teaching English as a foreign language. You are not expected to have any knowledge of or experience in teaching. You do not need an Education degree or a teaching certificate. 

But yes, a good TEFL course should be challenging.

 It is preparing you from scratch to teach in a classroom. If it were too easy, you wouldn’t be learning anything. Even when you have finished the course you won’t feel confident in your English language knowledge and your teaching skills. So while The TEFL Academy’s course is challenging, the structure of the course is clear and the materials are straightforward and helpful.

Plus you get support. 

The TEFL Academy provides support from experienced, professional EFL teachers. The turnaround time for your assignments to be marked is quick, and you receive feedback from your tutors. 

As another student notes: “For one who has never had experience in the field of teaching I must say that after the course I feel ready to start teaching.” 

How do I do an online course?

If you’ve been out of the classroom for a while or if you’ve never done an online course, you might not be familiar with the Programmes and tools needed to study an online course. The TEFL Academy’s courses are done through an easy-to-use platform. It is easy to navigate and you don’t need any specialized technical knowledge to do the course. 

The structure of the course helps you complete the course step by step so that you are not overwhelmed by the amount of information involved. The assessments are tools to consolidate and test your learning. 

A student says: “The course was easy to follow and the guidance on each assignment was clear. I received very clear feedback which was both positive and constructive…Each time I contact[ed] the support team or tutors their responses were helpful and quick.”

All in all, reviews from The TEFL Academy show that their TEFL courses are challenging, but doable. You are given all the support you need and any concerns you have are dealt with quickly by your support team.