Online Application for US Passport Renewal in Record Time


If your overseas trip departure date is within 30 days, renewing your passport quickly is critical, particularly if you need to secure a travel visa. We can renew your US passport in as little as three days.

How Long Does Passport Renewal Take?

The time it takes to renew a passport might range from 7 to 10 weeks, not including delivery. This implies that the passport renewal processing period begins when your passport renewal paperwork arrive at the US Passport Agency or center, not when you mail your application or apply at a local acceptance facility.

If you are planning a trip or just want to renew your passport as a form of identification, waiting 2-3 months or more is generally not an option.

Do you wish to renew your US passport as soon as possible? You may get an expedited passport renewal service from the US Department of State for an extra $60 charge. This will shorten the passport renewal process to 4-6 weeks, excluding delivery time.

Do you need your passport renewed in a week or two? The State Department has authorized organizations such as ours to help you with renewing your US passport in time for your journey. This implies that we may renew your US passport in as little as three business days.

If your previously issued US passport fits all of the following passport renewal conditions, use FormDS-82 to apply for a passport renew.

It was issued when you were 16 or older; it was issued within the last 15 years; it was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change; it is not significantly damaged and can be submitted with the application; it is not significantly damaged and can be submitted with the application;

If you do not satisfy the requirements, you will be unable to renew your passport. You must apply for a new U.S. passport (FormDS-11), and we may accelerate the passport application process for you.

How to Renew a US Passport Using an Expired US Passport

Step1: Finish theDS-82 Passport Renewal Application.

Step 2: Collect Supporting Documents, such as US passport photographs, your expired US passport, and the US passport renewal price (check).

Step 3: Package and send your application for a new US passport.

How to renew your US passport requires four materials.

Photographs of US Passports

The US Passport Agency requires passport photographs to be taken on a white backdrop and without glasses or scarves. Your passport picture should also be taken within six months after applying for a passport. Keep an eye on the photo’s exposure, since this is a regular problem when applying for a passport renewal.

Your US Passport Renewal Request (DS82)

renewing passport entails completing and reapplying for a new US passport. The DS-82 form passport renewal application requests information about you, your residence, previous passport information, and where you want to go if you need a passport quickly. We suggest that you fill out the DS82 passport renewal application online, print it on full-size white paper, and sign it. Make careful you sign the application and double-check it for mistakes, since these errors can create delays.

Your US Passport Has Expired

To renew your US passport, you must relinquish your expired passport. So, you must have your passport with you, it must be valid for renewal (an adult passport issued within the last 15 years), and it must be in good condition. Don’t worry, you’ll usually receive your old passport back when you obtain your new one.

Passport Renewal in the United States The fee for renewing your passport

For regular service to renew an expired passport, the current US passport renewal charge is $130. The charge for expedited passport renewal is $60, and you may request overnight delivery of your new passport for an extra fee.