Nigel Munt – Insurance Claim lawyer | Highly Experienced | Honest


At Aussie Injury Lawyers, Nigel Munt is a senior member of the firm’s superannuation and insurance claim departments. He helps regular Australians by providing them with knowledgeable legal advice in superannuation, insurance, and total and permanent disability claims.

About Nigel Munt’s Earlier Life –

After receiving his Bachelor of Laws degree from QUT in 1994, he began working as an attorney in the fields of compensation law as well as superannuation and total and permanent disability claims. Since then, he has assisted many customers in making the most of the advantages to which they are entitled.

His initial choice for a field of legal competence has always been compensation law, which he practices extensively. It brings him great joy to approve claims for people unaware they were eligible or could make one. The days that he can deliver people good news while he is aware that they are going through tough times are the most fulfilling for him.

A FORMER partner at a law firm said that he had provided more than $15,000 to an organization involved in the trafficking of drugs to guarantee a “reliable” supply of methyl amphetamine for himself and his drug-dependent lover.

Nigel Munt, now 44 years old, had a stunning slide from being a wealthy Brisbane solicitor to becoming a methyl amphetamine addict who lived in a home with a convicted felon. He fell from his position as a wealthy Brisbane solicitor to his current work.

The man of Words…!!!

Over many years, he has earned a reputation for the dogged pursuit of client’s legal entitlements, paired with compassion, honesty, and integrity in his work. When dealing with him, you never have to wonder where you stand. He makes it a point to be a trustworthy, honest, and straightforward person at all times.

When you collaborate with Nigel Munt, he will guarantee that you will achieve the results to which you are entitled. He will explain everything to you in simple language, so you are always aware of the situation. Once he has instructed his team to begin working on your claim, he will make himself available at all times to answer questions and provide you with regular updates on the status of your case.