Myths Regarding Moving your Business to the Cloud


Today, people work in more places than just the office, and they get work done on more devices than their office PC. It supports companies in NYC and NJ as office 365 gives businesses the ability to help their people be productive wherever they are. But, unfortunately, there are still a lot of myths about working in the Cloud. Companies worry about security and privacy. They feel that cloud migration is all or nothing. Sometimes, they don’t want to migrate because they think it will be harder to manage.

But the reality is none of this is true. So if you find yourself fielding questions and assertions based on those preconceptions, be yourself with the facts below, and you will be able to push past the resistance and move your small business one step closer to the Cloud as it supports companies in NYC and NJ.

Myths about moving your business to the Cloud:

Cloud Computing is a passing phase

From websites, QR codes, and location marketing, businesses are used to being bombarded with the latest and greatest thing. In the light, the Cloud is no different. While it’s easy to dismiss the Cloud, the numbers show that cloud computing is here to stay. As small businesses are adapting to cloud computing, many big companies plan to implement cloud computing projects. This level of investment indicates that the Cloud is gaining traction for the long run and is here to stay.

The Cloud is less secure

Security is one of the top reasons businesses put off a move to the Cloud. It is understandable; once your data is outside the firewall, it feels like protecting it is beyond your control. But statistics will tell you another story because businesses have experienced a higher security rate in on-premises data centers than those in the Cloud. In addition, it supports companies in NYC and NJ with a premise technology approach, such as keeping systems up to date, spam email management and up-to-date antivirus.

The Cloud is not reliable

While large-scale cloud outages have made the news, these events are far from regular. The answer is reliable. In one survey, many companies said that they had experienced improved service availability since moving to the Cloud. In addition, they said, both the frequency and length of downtime have decreased since moving to the Cloud.

Performance is worse in the Cloud

Today’s businesses need and demand the fastest application performance they can afford. But, unfortunately, no one has the time to wait for slow-moving apps or services. That’s why latency, or slower systems, is a concern as applications and servers are moved off-premise and into the Cloud. Indeed, this can be a worry, but cloud vendors and service providers constantly upgrade their infrastructure to the latest and greatest hardware.  

The Cloud is not cheaper

One of the earliest claims in cloud computing was that moving to the Cloud is cheaper than maintaining your on-site infrastructure. And, the first time that claim was made, naysayers were raising their voices to deny it. But, while the debate continues to rage, there are steps you can take to minimize those costs, so the initial claim holds. These myths affect business from moving to the Cloud. Unfortunately, myths are not based on reality, so get to know more about Cloud before deciding your business.