Milk Tyson

When it comes to helping the children, it becomes more crucial to look for the finest resources. It also needs courage and passion to work for the basic necessities of the children. People such as Milk Tyson are the perfect example of how a person can change the lives of children with his uttermost zeal and hard work. 

He began his career by delivering weed to Hollywood celebrities, and also owned a weed delivery company. Along with this, he was also very passionate about his profession and stardom that he got an arm tattoo with the face of Justin Bieber as well. Apart from this, Tyson was also interested in discovering new charities and ways to help the people. Thus, when he got the opportunity to move a step ahead and serve humanity, he sold his weed company and launched a city hospital tour. 

He then began to help the children who were suffering from various serious health conditions and illnesses. Milk Tyson also approached many celebrities to make motivational videos for the children that can help them to fight the diseases. He always believes that helping and motivating children to fight against diseases is one of the best ways to serve humanity. Thus, to serve the children by motivating and assisting them, he is working constantly for the last many years. 

When Typhoon, the strongest storm hit the Philippines, many people lost their lives, and by seeing that, Tyson had decided to serve humanity in different ways. It can also be said that it was a turning point in Tyson’s life that led him to help the people. To raise some funds, he also sold some cans of Biebs’ spray paint. After this, he auctioned them and donated the money which he got from auctioning. With that money, he also helped the hundreds of people that were affected by the Typhoon in the Philippines.  In addition, Milk Tyson also encouraged various celebrities such as Travis Barker, Zendaya, and many more to join him for the purpose of raising funds to serve society. Along with this, he also manages successfully to aware people especially celebrities to raise the funds and to help the children according to their capabilities. He also laid a foundation named FAM, and with this, he managed to raise a million bucks to serve the people in many different ways. In the last several years, Milk Tyson showed that helping others is one of the best ways to serve humanity in today’s busy lifestyle.