Michael Merisier- Everything About This Talented Man!


Michael Merisier is a leading entrepreneur, and he has been in Fleet Management and the automobile business for a long. Luxury Rental Bae is owned and founded by Michael Merisier. It is a luxury and exotic car rental company located in South Florida. It also charters jet skis and yachts. Because traditional rental companies have limited inventory, car rental demand is high. Luxury Rental Bae is expanding into new markets and cities. The company is also expanding into Fleet Management and Auto Repairs. Excellent at identifying emerging markets and new opportunities. Presently launching new projects. There are many opportunities in the pharmaceutical and testing fields. Traded in stock and currencies. Focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trading. There are many opportunities for automation and education in trading.

You can also make a difference just like Micheal. Haitian-born and raised Michael Merisier has seen firsthand the shortage of education and the lack of opportunities for entrepreneurs in third-world countries. Entrepreneurship and trading can bring great value to people’s lives. Although trading and entrepreneurship can be risky, so it is important to exercise caution, Micheal believes that they can bring real value and make a difference in the lives of others. His mentors have been great in Micheal’s life. They taught me that you couldn’t grow as a person if you don’t improve. Through my personal growth through leadership books, he has grown tremendously. Micheal Merisier has invested a lot in quality leadership and personal development materials. Because of this, he believes that anyone can grow and overcome any obstacle if they have the right mindset.

What is Fleet Management?

Michael Merisier : Funder of Luxury Rental Bae

Management of fleet (vehicles) can include vehicle leasing, financing, vehicle maintenance and licensing, compliance, supply chain management (tracking and diagnoses), vehicle telematics (tracking, diagnostics), driver management (speed management), fuel management (health and safety management), and vehicle re-marketing. Companies that rely on vehicle transportation can use Fleet Management to reduce or eliminate the risk associated with vehicle investments, improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce overall transportation costs and staff costs. It also ensures 100% compliance with all applicable laws (duty of care). You can either have an in-house fleet management department or outsource fleet management. As of 2016, there were 15 million light-duty vehicles in European commercial fleets and 19.5million in North America. Light duty cars still represent 62% of fleet sales despite these records.