Michael Merisier: Essentials To Become a Great Business Developer

Michael Merisier

Business Development Managers are responsible for developing the business side of an organization.

Michael Merisier  is a very prominent entrepreneur born and raised in Haiti. He’s a founder and owner of luxury and exotic car rentals, Bae. He’s recognized as a renowned business developer who talked about the essential tips and tricks that anyone can implement to become a great developer within a month. He has realized the lack of entrepreneurship, opportunities and relevant knowledge in third-world countries. Therefore, he believes that implementing the right education and practice can positively impact the lives of others worldwide. Like any other skill, business development is one of the fundamentals in the profile of any business operation. People working in sales are known to be smart, skilful and confident in management.

Here are some of the essentials steps you can  follow to become a great business developer

  • Work on Your Communication Skills

Essential communication is key to breaking any conversation, especially where there’s a deal you intend to close. To become a great business developer, you should start by working on your communication skills. One can know what you are capable of from your first mail or call or proposal to them, and they may later come to terms with your capabilities as well.

  • Work on Identifying Great Opportunities

In his career, Michael Merisier built long-term relationships with clients and won those who are regular, less demanding and extremely happy with their work. What made him exceptional is that he understood how to put his chips in. he could tell if his client has a big business or startup. Therefore, having a great understanding is an important aspect of becoming a great business developer. It will help you shape your strategy and move ahead in the same way you can.

  • Grow Your Network

There are always more opportunities in the world than what’s available. Growing your network is important as it will expose you to more opportunities and build great relationships that will help you generate more income.

  • Research and Strategize

You’ll need strong research and strategic analysis skills to help you benchmark the competition and keep the company ahead.


Above all, you should also yarn for more knowledge and stay up to date with the industry’s latest economic and technological issues. In addition, knowledge in Sales Management, Marketing, Strategic Management, and Business Planning is a strength they can use to grow your business. You are set to go with a proper understanding of the above tips.