Michael Merisier: 5 Common Mistakes Most Investors Make

Michael Merisier

When learning something new, Mistakes are part of the learning process. But investing mistakes can be costly (and ultimately affect long-term returns) if you don’t learn from them as soon as possible.

Well-known entrepreneur, Owner, and founder of Luxury Rental Bae, Michael Merisier, talks about the importance of the stock market which is responsible for creating human wealth, helping businesses innovate, and promoting the national economy throughout history. However, like any other field, only the people who put in the work can get exponential returns. Many retailers often lose all their money. Michael who has been investing for many years has seen investors make certain simple but common mistakes that every new investor should understand and avoid.

  • Timing the Market: Market timers try to be strategic, investing their money when the market is growing and withdrawing it when the market is going bad. The problem is that it never works the way you want. The stock market is very volatile and the risk of being out is usually greater than the risk of being in.
  • Not having clear objectives: People often invest without specific investment goals or time horizons, instead of focusing on short-term returns and price fluctuations. Investors who do not have clear investment goals with a suitable investment horizon are more likely to experience “unexpected” reactions to short-term market events. This means they must rely on chance to achieve their goals, rather than a high-probability portfolio strategy.
  • Ignoring the Impact of Inflation: Investors often focus on the dollar value of their portfolio, regardless of their purchasing power. Over time, the purchasing power of the portfolio may decrease due to inflation. Inflation has averaged about 3% per year since 1925, although it has fluctuated over time. It can be increasing significantly, as we saw in the mid-1970s and early 1980s, or it can be relatively weak, as has been the case over the last decade.
  • Trading too frequently: Trading based on minute-to-minute monitoring of news or chat rooms is often termed as day trading. This behavior is actually speculation and speculation is a recipe for inferior returns. You might make money on the spot, but in the log terms most of the traders end up with more losses than wins.
  • Putting all eggs in the basket: One of the biggest mistakes new investors make is investing all their money in one industry or category. This is often due to a lack of awareness of the different assets or simply a lack of understanding of their benefits. Diversification is very important because it protects you as much as possible from fluctuations and fluctuations in different markets because as it was, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Investing is one of the best ways to create abundant wealth over a long period of time. Michael Merisier points out that many people leave the markets after suffering from small losses but like any other skill becoming good at investing will take time. The more you will read, the wiser and more knowledgeable you become, and the wiser you become the better decisions you can take for your portfolio.