Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan: Scale up and Expand your Business with M and J solution Provider


Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan is the founder and the CEO of M and J Solution Provider Inc. with her extensive experience in the past years, Margie has honed her skills to the point of brilliance. From the same, her back-end skills earned her name a great stellar reputation. With her highly valuable talents, she managed to develop their business in the Philippines by providing various outsourced services. 

Her firm mainly offers back-end services that bring the business forward. Collaborating with her team, Margie is determined to work in partnership with their clients wherever they are in their business journey. Whether its a start-up or an already established firm, they are ready to help you out by guiding and providing you with a wide range of outsourced solutions that are geared to help your daily operations more effective as you concentrate on the other side of the business that complete its picture, that is employees, customers, and overall business profits. here is the service to expect for your business from M and J solution service provider

  • Business Registration

They got what you need for your business to grow from scratch with a solid foundation. It means they offer end-to-end processing of business registration and renewal for local and foreign businesses. from finding the name of your business and opening its account; they offer various packages and services that will provide your business registration permits and other legally accepted documents for running a business.

  • Human resources management

M and J solution providers take pride in their clients’ excellent work in building and expanding their businesses. Partnering with them means choosing customizable services that will allow you to manage aspects that matter to you and your business. Their team ensures everything gets covered: recruitment, training, contract administration, termination and labour cases. They also provide a wide range of HR solutions and proven strategies to support the main assets of your business.

  • Finance and accounting

They have tried, and tested systems that ensure all financial information and business transactions are safe and secure. They implement automated processes to assure you that tasks such as payroll management, bookkeeping and tax incentives get regular updates and efficiency.

  • Business development

With M and J solution provider at your service, you’ll scale up and expand your business confidently. They’ll provide effective and customizable solutions to help your business attain its objectives. They’ll also help you expand your affiliate and partner network, identify and balance business opportunities, and nurture your business for potential markets and clients as it grows.


If you wish to scale up and expand your business,  M and J solution providers are ready to partner with you and take you to your next milestone. Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan and her team are ready to provide you with the tools and top-notch service you need to create more opportunities for your business to grow.