Mags Lybolt – An inspiring journey


    From being a mother, then an entrepreneur to being an inspirational author, Mags Lybolt has made it the goal of her life to helping others in finding or discovering a thing that makes them happy. Whatever Mags does, her passion to inspire others is always displayed in her doings. She has a good heart for helping individuals in finding their happiness. In her writing, she uses her life lessons to inspire other people and help them find what makes them happy.

    Mags Lybolt has graduated with an MBA in business from Purdue University while keeping her focus on the technology and marketing sectors. Before reaching the age of 30, she has already established a successful marketing firm. Also, she founded and later sold a prosperous business that provides assistance to doctors in creating, marketing, establishing, and even establishing their enterprises.

    Now her focus is on writing. She has authored many both under a pen name and the Mags Lybolt name. The latest two releases of Mags are “Prayers to Pray Over Your Children” and “You Got This”. These two books are written from the perspective of desiring the audience to gain a multitude of positive changes in their lives.

    How Life Has Taught Mags to Inspire Others?

    As a mother and a brilliant businesswoman, she has learned a great deal about life. Having made many positive choices in her life, she is a prime example of someone who has been inspired by life itself. One of the most important lessons in her life, Mags has learned is that it is vitally important to help other people in finding the thing that gives them happiness.

    She believes when an individual is happy then he is more likely to be more fulfilled and successful in his life. She is living proof that no matter what life throws your way, you can always overcome it if you have the right attitude and a good mindset.

    A Great Inspiration to Others

    Mags Lybolt is a great inspiration to others. She has learned to turn her life experiences into a means of assisting others. Her hope is that as an author her writing will inspire others to find their passion in life and to put all of their energy into achieving it. She also wants to tell parents that praying with their children is a powerful way to connect with them as well as help them grow in their faith.

    In the end, it can be said that she has such a beautiful and inspiring journey. She is such a talented lady, a great businesswoman, a fantastic author, and an adorable mother.