Looking for the Best Immigration Lawyer

Aryan Sadat Calgary and Raj Dhaliwal

Moving to a different place like Canada can be exciting for you, but the complete process is very stressful and consumes a lot of time. All these Immigration laws changes with change in time. Hiring one of the best lawyers for immigration purposes is very much beneficial and can make your travel to Calgary easier than ever. Elected at is known for being one of the best immigration services so that you can move to Calgary without any difficulties. Our staff will completely take care of all your legal paperwork, guide you with all the processes and with every immigration law, and handle everything professionally and respectfully. We assure you that we do not make much time of yours and we provide individual service support so our clients are under one expert of our team and will help them in every problem.

What we do?

At Electsdat, Aryan Sadat Calgary provide a wide range of immigration services for our clients who want Canadian Visa and citizenship. We always stay updated with new laws introduced with time and work accordingly by following every law. All the new laws passed by the government are first implemented, and necessary actions are taken according to the proper needs, and we are here to help you so you do not get any rejection. We provide complete assistance to our clients so that they do not face any issues in paperwork for the same. We assist our clients with numerous tasks listed below:-

  1. Permanent Residence
  2. Work permit
  3. Visas
  4. Provincial nominees
  5. Investors, Enterprenuers
  6. Self Employed
  7. Reviewing your Immigration Paperwork


Most citizens don’t know about the immigration process properly, so help such clients we at Electsdat offers Immigration Consultancy. All such consultations are normally offered on an hourly basis. The main purpose of such consultations is to ensure and listen to your problems and help you complete your immigration process with proper guidance from our experts. We also include client advocacy services. We also help our clients if their application is rejected. So, we review your rejected applications and determine what action needs to be taken so that our client must not face any issues in the immigration process.

Elected at is a team of Immigration experts who have been helping their clients for the past decade and have 100% excellence. They are considered one of the best immigration lawyers in Calgary. We love to help our clients and always move forward to make new connections as it helps in maintaining the brand name.