Cybersecurity is the practice of safeguarding systems, networks, and programs from cyberattacks. Hackers often try to disrupt regular corporate operations, extort money from users, or access, alter, or delete important information.

Because digital information and technology are now so deeply ingrained in day-to-day operations, organizations are far more prone to cyber threats. The attacks are also getting far more precise and usually target both essential infrastructure and information.

Incidents involving cyber risk can have costly operational, financial, reputational, and strategic effects on a company which decreases the effectiveness of current security measures which is why most firms now need to step up their cybersecurity efforts.

Importance Of Cyber Security

According to the 2020 IBM Report, over half of all businesses will experience a cyberattack this year. The recovery costs average $8.6M per business in the US and the recovery times average 280 days. Almost half of the breaches occur due to compromised credentials and misconfigured clouds. Cyberthreat is a serious issue that affects everyone, whether you’re a business owner or any other user on the web. All precautions should be taken to be cyber secure and keep information safe from hackers.

Cybersecurity is really important because cybercrimes are rapidly rising. People are using more and more IoT devices which present more surface areas for a data breach as they are equipped with different types of sensors and use advanced technologies for constant connectivity and data sharing. Technology usage has tremendously risen. The dark web has a collection of websites that are unidentifiable by search engines, accessible only by specialized web browsers, keeping users anonymous which enables them to perform illegal operations such as software distribution, personal information distribution, drug, and human trafficking, piracy, illegal weapon distribution, and many more unthinkable illegal activities. Ransomware is evolving and is one of the most profitable cyberattacks at the moment. 

Leverage IT’s SHIELD Program

Are phishing, identification, and prevention of cyberattacks & breaches, and security configuration of the Microsoft 365 cloud environment, some of the issues that concern you and your business?

Millions are being spent on recovering from cybercrimes, and new risks are constantly being created by hackers. It’s critical to have a thorough awareness of your IT infrastructure, its vulnerabilities, and the tools available to resolve them since malware might infiltrate through unforeseen channels. Everyone on the network needs to receive training on awareness and best practices. Customers will take notice if you don’t invest in cybersecurity, which may be negligent or against the law depending on your compliance duties.

SHIELD program is a managed cybersecurity reno, provided by Leverage IT Consulting

Layers of protection are added by Leverage IT’s Shield program to help keep you safe from hackers and ransomware. Your business will be protected from present and potential cyber threats  with the help of our Shield Managed Cybersecurity Reno. Our engineers may either take over the security of your whole network or supplement your current IT staff because they have years of expertise in cybersecurity best practices. We’ll do a full assessment of existing systems and make recommendations for solutions that precisely address your company’s needs. With these defenses in place, you can work with assurance in a secure IT ecosystem that is future-proof.

Why Choose Leverage IT Shield Cybersecurity?

  • We provide a simple and quick process that takes you from assessment to solution.
  • Our NIST-based security service plans are specifically created for your organization.
  • We’ve had two decades of security expertise across multiple industries.
  • We provide education and training resources to make your employees – the first line of defense.

Every industry on earth has been hit by cyberattacks, be it ride-sharing giant Uber or social media giant Facebook. Because of the ongoing advancement of technology, we are all now susceptible to cyber-attacks. The pace of cybercrime is always increasing and will never stop. Hackers can therefore take our data, money, and reputation if there is no cybersecurity. You can defend your company from cyberattacks in a variety of ways; all you have to do is recognize its significance and take appropriate action. Take our security self-assessment now to know about your security status and protect your company.