Leading Lubricant Manufacturing Companies in India


Talking about technology and advancements in various areas, especially in our country, India, is a vast topic that can go on endlessly in talks. Various advanced industrial tools, machinery, and automobiles have already come into play to increase productivity, increase economic stability, and lead the way in globalization. In the same line, for better functioning and maintenance, the need for effective petroleum and automotive derivatives like lubricants, greases, oils, coolants, additives, OEM, and many others becomes essential. To alleviate this concern and fulfill the modern-era advancements demand, leading lubricant manufacturing companies in India are striving hard in the field of lubricants and oils with their premier and up-to-the-mark innovations and technology. 

The world revolves around wheels, and petroleum is essential to the movement of the wheels. At Nandan Petrochem Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of genuine oils, greases, and specialty oils with a significant PAN India and an overseas presence in the lubricating oil market, we believe in setting benchmarks with our innovative ways of using lubricants, petroleum, and automotive derivatives. With years of experience and industry expertise, the brand has emerged as the top option for clients when it comes to selecting lubricants for automotive or industrial usage. There are several types of lubricants on the market, but with VELVEX LUBRICANTS, an NPL lubricant brand name, you can always be confident that you are getting the highest quality at the most cost-efficient prices.

Velvex: The Trusted Lubricant Brand

Nandan PETROCHEM LIMITED is one of the country’s fastest-growing business houses, with diverse holdings in lubricants and petroleum derivatives. It is always motivated by innovation to maximize shareholder value and customer pleasure. NPL incorporates cutting-edge technical advancements into its products to ensure that you receive the best solution for your automobiles. NPL has access to cutting-edge technology and markets a comprehensive product line that includes lubricants, greases, transformer oil, White Oil/Liquid Paraffin, and specialty lubricants under the trademark “VELVEX.”

All VELVEX industrial oils, engine oils, and industrial and automotive greases are produced following IS requirements. All safety, health, and environmental regulations are followed by the firm. At various stages, the items are subjected to severe quality inspections overseen by experts to ensure that you receive unrivaled quality.

NPL: Producing & Supplying Top-Grade Petroleum Products

As one of the leading lubricant producers in India, we have discovered that our duty extends beyond the production of these really helpful goods and industrial lubricants. NPL is a well-known brand because of its dedication to quality and discipline in producing the best goods. With our lubricant brand, Velvex, our goal at NPL is to help meet all quality and affordable lubricant needs.

  • Our Outstanding Characteristics Include:
  • Technology and infrastructural advancements

NPL has the most contemporary facilities and infrastructure, and it employs sophisticated technology to manufacture an astonishing range of premium-grade goods ranging from industrial, automotive, and petroleum specialties.


We provide high-quality automotive and industrial lubricating oils, brake fluids, coolants, waxes, greases, additives, rubber processing oils, petroleum jelly, and other petroleum specialties.

  • Success and dependability

VELVEX lubrication products fulfill the most demanding client requirements. Liberalization and global operations in which quality, delivery, customer happiness, and other operational characteristics are success markers.

We recognize the importance of keeping automotive and industrial gear and equipment in excellent operating condition and for a longer lifespan. Velvex, one of the prominent lubricant manufacturing companies in India, includes cutting-edge technology and technologies to assist people in caring for and maintaining their industrial machinery, automotive engines, and components. Choosing high-quality velvex lubricants for your vehicles and tools won’t leave you with time to worry about engine maintenance or operation. Choose Velvex as your lubricant partner of choice.