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There are a lot of electrical and automation companies providing their services in Australia. But most of them are not economical for every business and the rest never fulfill the present need of time management and security. 

WATT ELECTRICAL & AUTOMATION is the leading Electrical and Automation company located at 18 Orlando Road in Brisbane, Australia. Our main motive is to provide you with the best Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and Automation electrical service with passion. Our experienced and energetic electricians work with pride and serve you the best services. Our electricians are infallible in this field as they have a whopping experience of 10 years. In this fast-moving and time-deficient world, we know the value of time, and we serve the fastest and most efficient service possible to our customers.

Industrial Electrician: Our Electrical and Automation company has a humongous amount of manpower when it comes to industrial electrical services. We are providing our Electrical and Automation services in the industrial field all across Australia. Our electricians are dealing with electrical, pneumatic, and general machinery repairs with an experience of more than 10 years. WATT Electrical and Automation has well-trained industrial electricians for Repairing, Troubleshooting, and Maintaining Electrical equipments and machinery. Our highly experienced electricians provide the most efficient error spotting and rectifications in their respective fields, hands-down.

Commercial  Electrician: We at WATT ELECTRICAL & AUTOMATION, focus on building long-lasting relations with our potential customers. Our quality-Electrical and Automation commercial services are available across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ip Switch, and Moreton Bay. Our promising well-experienced electricians are always ready to get the task done in the most efficient and optimized manner. We understand, that when it comes to the commercial field, your time and reliability matter the most. We provide full-fledged electrical services to all the commercial buildings including offices, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Our well-trained electricians can design the structure of your premises and electrical appliances according to your business needs. We also ensure that work done is meeting the foundational principles and standards of the site. While working in your work area, the proper connection of wires and safe electrical components is inevitable. Keeping up with the security protocols, we 

ensure that the public security is primely focused along with the stable supply of power in your premises.

Domestic Electricians: Our experienced electricians provide professional domestic electrical service to our valuable clients. Our electricians are well-behaved and we ensure the fastest and most accurate services at a fair value for your money and time. Our domestic services include private electric work like home wiring and outside connections. While renovating or relocating, Our electrician takes good care of all the electrical issues you are going through, at affordable charges while reducing your stress simultaneously. 

Contact, WATT ELECTRICAL & AUTOMATION services to get the work done in any industrial, Commercial, or Domestic scope of work.

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Email: admin@wattelectricalautomation.com.au

Address: Yeronga QLD 4104, 18 Orlando Rd Brisbane, Australia.