Laasya Palicha: Best Food Cooking Tips

Laasya Palicha having coffe at new york cafe

Being an expert cook benefits your health and is a skill most employers value. If you plan to land a hotel job as soon as possible preparing great meals, you might need to seek cooking tips from experts. While in your kitchen, you might have probably tried some recipes without getting the desired results. Have you gone from cooking meals for your family to cleaning up and tidying up after a disaster? Either mess with your cooking won’t be a problem to you once you follow these cooking tips from a prominent food explorer, Laasya Palicha

Read recipes in advance

Reading the recipe is a necessary step before cooking, and it gives you an idea of how long it takes to prepare the dish and the time to clean up the mess if any. Read the recipe before to get an idea of what ingredients are needed and how much time you’ll have to buy them.

Prepare all the ingredients in advance

For the dish you are expecting to make, add the needed ingredients for that recipe to your food storage containers. It will save you time while cooking and minimal movement to the store.

Start cooking with the recipe

The essential cooking skills are knowing how to read a recipe and follow the directions. Since the recipe will guide you, prepare it in advance. For recipes with measurements, ensure you follow these measurements for the best results.

Soak your dry ingredients in advance

For instance, flour, there are many flavours you can add while baking, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. it might be difficult to decide on which flavour to use in your dessert; therefore, having all the ingredients pre-soaked and measured out ahead of time would help.

Keep your spices and other ingredients under the right conditions

Keep your spices and ingredients in the right temperature conditions to avoid ruining your food. Dry them before using as you can use them for more than one recipe. For food in the fridge, ensure you bring them back to room temperature once you start preparing them.

For preparation steps properly

Some recipes call for chopping, slicing or mixing something, but do not skill into those parts because there could be steps before that needs to be done. It will help you achieve the best results.


The process of cooking is like putting the ingredients in the correct order to achieve the results. Whether it’s a career or cooking at home, the best results only come from sharpening your skills; according to Laasya Palicha, whether a beginner or expert, it is critical to prepare yourself for what lies ahead and stay up-to-date on significant changes within your industry.