La Nica Products Inc. – Establishment, Address, Map, Complete Profile

La Nica Products Inc.

La Nica Products Inc. (Miami-based) was founded in 1988 with operations in Miami and Nicaragua. It is best known for delivering the finest cheese and other dairy products. The firm specializes in the production and distribution of Central American dairy products and sells the best cheese in Central America. The firm has maintained its brand for years by providing pure, hygienic, and high-quality products. 

La Nica Products Inc. was set up in the state of F.L. on March 30, 1988. The company’s management is President – Blackwood Alberto, Vice President – Blackwood Maria, and Treasurer – Blackwood Samuel. The firm registration status is ACTIVE. The last event in the company was registered on Friday, October 23, 2015. LA NICA PRODUCTS, INC.’s registered office address is 19715 N.W. 32ND CRT., MIAMI, FL 33056. Also, the company mailing address is 19715 N.W. 32ND CRT. 19715 HOUSE MIAMI, FL 33056. Individuals can also find this business by geo coordinates: 25° 57′ 14.6″ N, 80° 15′ 16.5″ W.

The main objective of La Nica Products Inc. is to serve the entire United States and the taste of Central America within its reach. The company is well-known for providing the most delicious cheese with the quality and fragrance of Miami. We uses the best quality milk, and the entire cheese-making process is super hygienic and suitable to get the best texture and taste in the final product. By valuing the importance of clients, L.A. Nica Products Inc. is keen on listening to them and their experiences. 

Description and Records of L.A. Nica Products Inc.

It was incorporated on March 29, 1988, with the registered number K19566. Below are the details about L.A. Nica Products Inc. –

● COMPANY NAME: L.A. Nica Products Inc.

● LOCATION STREET: 19715 NW 32nd Ct

● LOCATION CITY: Opa Locka, Miami


● COUNTY: Miami Dade

● STATE: Florida

● Company Type: Domestic for Profit

● Status: Active

The company is also working on extending its reach in other regions of America, offering quality dairy products. It also put effort into instilling and creating a mesmerizing experience with the taste of Central America. La Nica Products Inc. constantly listens to its customers and people’s practices. We firmly believes in offering pure, hygienic, & high-quality products, and this has been the strength of the brand over the years.