Know About Ray Carlisle and Larry Pierce Video

Ray Carlisle video
Ray Carlisle video

Ray Carlisle has come quite a long way since his first times in the industry of recording, where he sold cassette tapes from door to door at truck stops in Oklahoma, where his birthplace was and where he grew up. Ray Carlisle videos are now sold through Laughing Hyena Records and nationwide through some of the best travel shops located on interstates.

“As happy of Ray” is one of the five albums he recorded. The singer was more than proud of his son with him, Little Ray, whose mother left him with his dad as a baby. A loving father, Ray was unable to attend conventions, and trucker shows to ensure that his child was raised appropriately.

A trucker for a long time, Ray was able to cut and remove problematic trees in the vicinity of and around the Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Oklahoma. It was a lot of work, but he always got back home.

His entire collection of CDs enthralled ray’s fans as a testament to the high quality of his products. Ray’s music has entertained more drivers than the various energy drinks sold at truck stops. It isn’t easy to get sleep at the wheel when you’re enjoying yourself.

Some information about Larry Pierce

Larry G. Pierce was born on July 18th, 1950, and died on November 19th, 2018. He was an American comedian and country music performer.

Pierce lived most of his time in the tiny middle Indiana town called Middletown. Pierce lived the majority of his working life at an automotive parts manufacturing plant and, after 30 years, was forced to retire because of the factory’s closure. Pierce chose to write his first shady song as irony, and the song was called “Love Letters,” leading to other songs with dirty lyrics.

Larry Pierce Career

In 1993, a person sent a few of his tracks for consideration by Laughing Hyena Records. This independent label specializes in comedy for truck stops, primarily distributed in truck stops throughout the United States. Soon after receiving the tape, Pierce started recording with Laughing Hyena Records, churning out 13 albums in ten years. Every album features Pierce’s distinctive style of dirty country. In this, unnoticed to Pierce, Pierce developed a good size of a fan base throughout his United States through Larry Pierce videos, all without traveling or radio airplay.

In 2003, he approached an independent film studio in New York City (Milkhouse Productions) to make a complete documentary about his life and work as a dirty country singer, “Dirty Country Movie The Larry Pierce Story .”As if the news was not enough, 2005 saw a wild touring rock group formed in Colorado Springs approach Pierce to join them for a live performance together, and they performed in Minneapolis. In the wake of the success of his first live performance outside of his hometown, Pierce and were on the road throughout the United States performing Pierce’s brand of country music that was raunchy to sometimes astonished audience members.

After a break from touring, Pierce recorded his fourteenth studio album titled Pussywhipped. Pussywhipped is the album first released by Pierce’s brand newly-formed label Hat Light Recordings and featuring his music group. As he recorded Pussywhipped, Pierce received a phone call from Howard Stern. Howard Stern Show and was informed that his track “Good Hard Fuckin” was one of Howard Stern’s top songs.


On January 9th, 2007, Pierce made his debut appearance on the Howard Stern Show and announced the debut of Pussywhipped on the show. Since then, Pierce has become a regular guest on the show, with live appearances and phone-ins, and his music is frequently performed during and out of breaks on the radio.

In addition, Pierce has continued to live up to his title as “The Master of Dirty Country Music” by continuing to perform and record his distinctive style of country music that is dirty.