It’s Time To know Alex Ariana – A Philanthropist


It’s not uncommon for philanthropists to come from all walks of life and have a wide range of financial resources on hand. Alex Ariana has collected money for various causes via his fundraising efforts and involvement in a wide range of activities. And you’ll learn more about this remarkable philanthropist as a result.

Alex Ariana has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes over the years through his tireless fundraising efforts and involvement in a wide range of activities. His goal is to raise as much money for charities as possible, so he provides the following suggestions. You may learn more about this remarkable benefactor by reading the post below. 

  • What is Philanthropy?

‘Philanthropy’ was coined by ancient Greek poet Aeschylus, who lived around the early fifth century BCE. According to the CIA, it stood for ‘love of humanity’. Philanthropy is the act of donating one’s ‘time, skills, and riches’ to better the lives of others, and it is often described as charitable giving in all of its forms. It is regarded as philanthropic behaviour to donate money to an organisation that you support. Contribution of your time as a volunteer can be considered charitable giving as well. 

Alex Arianna helps others by working in a soup kitchen, tutoring a youngster, or doing anything else. That means anyone who exhibits these traits, regardless of financial situation, can be considered a philanthropist (or lack thereof).

  • The advantages of turning into a philanthropist are numerous.

The motivation of many philanthropists is to help others and to address social issues in their neighbourhoods. It’s becoming clearer from scientific research that giving is beneficial to both those who give and those who receive. 

Researchers have discovered that giving has the following benefits:

  • More general happiness and fulfilment in life
  • Reduction in stress, as well as physical and mental health benefits
  • Better sense of collective identity
  • The current condition of charity in the twenty-first century:

Many factors, such as more transparency, improved technology and shifting views toward wealth, are affecting future contributions, according to a survey of more than 3,000 generous donors.

  • There has been a growing emphasis on results over process transparency among contributors in recent years. 41% of donors modified their giving habits after learning about the success stories of non-profit organisations, according to a study.
  • According to more than a quarter (27 percent) of donors, the availability of tools for investigating and funding charitable activities and organisations influenced their willingness to donate to philanthropic causes.
  • Several contributors’ beliefs about charity giving have altered due to recent changes such as donating riches rather than passing it on to family members. Donors are transforming not only their overall giving strategies but also how they fund their contributions. More and more people are turning to the following strategies for success.
  • The term “effect investment” refers to investments with both a financial return and a good social or environmental impact. It’s also known as social impact investment because it utilises markets to generate profits while also benefiting the global community.
  • Other than donating cash, you may also donate your assets by selling them and transferring the proceeds to a charity. Stocks, bonds, limited partnership interests, and real estate are examples of non-monetary assets. Non-cash assets are expected to account for two-thirds of all donations to Fidelity Charitable by 2020, the organisation predicts.
  • Using donor-advised funds (DAFs) allows people to donate to charity and immediately receive a tax credit in return for making donations to the organisations to which the money is going to be presented. It’s the most popular way to give to charity in the US since it’s simple to use, flexible, and tax-efficient.

Concluding statement/s: 

It’s no secret that Alex Arianna is a generous donor. He’s had his programme on the small screen, too.

People like John D. Rockefeller and Warren Buffett are well-known philanthropists who donate large quantities of money to help the community. Humanitarians such as Mother Teresa and Paul Farmer come to mind. Aside from the money he makes from work, Alex Arianna also donates his time and efforts to the cause. 
And Alex Arianna has long helped contributors, including a diverse collection of people, discover better ways to support their preferred philanthropic projects. Several people have benefited from his advice in learning about the various charitable vehicles available and how to use a donor-advised fund to complement and optimise their current giving strategy.