Isabella Loretta Janke – Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas

Isabella Loretta Janke

What are the most crucial aesthetic and practical considerations when choosing curtains for sliding doors at home? We consulted designers to answer your questions about purchasing curtains for sliding doors, including the most important factors to consider when making your final color selection. Please do not stop reading; it will motivate you.

Opt For Window Coverings That Slide Open And Close

Lagniappe Custom Interiors lets plenty of natural light into this elegant dining area by installing sheer window coverings. According to the designer, “we always propose a window covering that functions the same way your door does.” When using sliders, you should look for lateral rather than vertical motion.

Optimize For Maximum Usefulness

Designer Isabella Loretta Janke believes, “The beauty of a sliding glass door is in its practicality” and that any window covering should enhance rather than diminish this usefulness. “You may choose to forego the covers and possibly add some valances to complete the effect, depending on the placement of the door in your home.”

However, if they are necessary, curtains are OK. As Isabella Loretta Janke puts it, “if seclusion is necessary, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous pair of draperies that effortlessly draw aside to provide access to the entrance.”

Think About Hanging Curtains on Just One Side of the Door

There is no need for all sides of your sliding doors to have curtains. Adding function and privacy simply by covering the door when it is not in use is a breeze when you utilize a single panel. Whenever possible, designer Isabella Loretta Janke likes to hang a single, extremely long panel drape at the back of the entrance. “That way, it can be kept out of the way while you normally use the door, and it can be quickly pulled over when you need a little more privacy.”

Carefully Consider The Height Of The Shade

In her work, designer Veronica Ferro emphasizes the need to keep functionality in mind. She advises that if you want to put a roman or roller shade on the inside of a door, you should measure the height of the opening to make sure no one would bump their head.

Aim Your Head Up

How should one choose the right color for the curtains on their sliding glass doors? We’ll take you through a few possibilities, including the current design trend of painting the ceiling. However, if you want more color variety, a little contrast goes a long way. The gray curtains add a touch of class to an otherwise gold, blue, and black bedroom.

Painting the ceiling a color that contrasts with the paint or wallpaper on the other four walls might allow you to experiment with curtains in a new way. Curtains should complement the style of the ceiling, so why not choose one that does just that? A look at this space demonstrates the success of this design choice. Curtain color may be chosen by observing the room’s furnishings. The modern kitchen has a wonderful, elegant shade of gray that pairs well with the gold accents.