Installation Tips for Window Graphics To Boost Aesthetic for Your Business

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Window graphic design is usually produced and installed striking wall graphic- available in various shapes and according to the form of the wall. Doing this graphic design for your business will always help in improving brand recognition and aesthetics. Window graphics will create a unique and effective design and deliver a message to your company and make it stand out from the competition. 

It is usually installed for either the short or long term with the help of a certified team. It makes it retain the aesthetic quality for years. With today’s post, you’ll learn much about installation tips for window graphics to boost the creativity for your business.,  it is quick and easy to install window graphics to your business window guided by the following tips. if you find it a challenging task to do, feel accessible to as for assistance from professional window installers in Norcross.

  • Window Cleaning

Cleanliness is essential and should be the first thing to do. It’s the initial process as you prepare for the installation process. It will help you get rid of all the dirt and grime that might be on the window surface.

  • Window Graphics Layout

Once you are done cleaning the surface, the next thing is carefully laying a graphic on the window with the backing still on. Remember to constantly check it carefully while applying it to the window to ensure it perfectly aligns.

  • Marking The Window with Washable Marker

Be sure to have some markings on the window with a washable marker. Keep checking the alignment of your perforated graphic to confirm it is where you want it to be.

  • Pull the Graphic Away from The Window

After double-checking to confirm the graphic is in alignment, pull the graphic away from the window and remove the backing, exposing the black adhesive side of the decal. Ensure you can see the back of the decal, which is usually black. Do not forget to remove all the backing layers to avoid the defect of backing appearing tearing.

  • Align The Decal to The Marking

You will have to align your decal to the marking you made and then apply it to the window. It should always be a dry installation, so there is no need to use water on the application. It would help if you considered using a flat edge starting from the center to the corner of your decal at this stage.

Once you have completed all the installation tips and applied the entire perforated decal to the window, you can now remove any excess material appearing around the edges with a blade.


As any other property will demand care and maintenance, so does window graphics. If you need to take care and maintain you’re for decal, do so by handwashing with a piece of damp cloths. Try as much as possible to avoid using a washer that would cause peeling. Let’s hope the discuses above simple installation tips for window graphics will be great for your practical exercise. Get in touch with window installers in Norcross if you get stuck in the process.