ICSE Board Exams 2021: Top Notch Tips for scoring good marks in Maths

ICSE Sample Paper

Perhaps one of the most feared subjects, Mathematics is your best chance at securing perfect scores. The fact of the matter is that in a subject like Mathematics, it is really easy to get full marks if your concept is clear and that can help you get a better rank or score, overall. It is all about clarity of concept, your application skills and how many sample papers you have solved. To buy ICSE Sample Paper, click here. All you need is to prepare the right way, study the right books and follow the tips that we have mentioned later in the article.

Score well in Maths by following these tips – Most student-friendly and effective tips to score well

All you need is practice and some easy-scoring tips to help you through the Mathematics syllabus. Follow these top-notch tips if you want to secure the perfect score in your Mathematics board examination:

1.       NCERT books – Easily one of the most effective and sought-after books when it comes to board examinations, NCERT books comprise the complete package that a student needs when studying for a subject like Mathematics. The book contains a detailed explanation and step-by-step explanation of each problem. Also, at the end of each chapter, students are faced with Q&A sections that serve as great self-evaluation tests for students.

2.       Create separate notes for formulas – What students generally struggle with is remembering the different formulas and considering that there are quite a few to remember, it can be quite difficult to recollect them all, under pressure. That is why it is advisable that students create a different section of notes, altogether, that keeps a record of all the equations and formulas, categorically arranged as per the chapters or topics. Remembering formulas can help you secure half the marks in your mathematics paper. You can find extra formulas in question banks. To find ICSE Question Banks.

3.       Conduct teaching sessions – Sometimes, the best way to figure out something or understand something is by presenting your articulation or explanation for it. In other words, if you want to strengthen your knowledge and concept of a particular topic or subject, then you should practice the art of teaching or explaining. This will help clear your concepts further and will also help you to remember faster. You can do this with the help of sample paper questions. To buy ICSE Sample Paper Class 10 2021.

4.       Solve Sample Papers and Question Banks – There are no better tools than that sample papers and question banks to help you with mathematics practice. Come to think of it, these serve as the ultimate examination simulation with exam-oriented questions (in the case of Sample Papers) that not only test your aptitude and learning but also gives you a rough idea of the exam question paper pattern (especially the question banks) and what level of difficulty one might expect from the examination. To buy the best ICSE Question Bank Class 10 2021, click here.

5.       Get into the habit of reading the problem at least 3 times before answering – Most of the times, students fail to achieve the perfect score even though they know all the formulas and solutions. Why is that so? It happens because they get overexcited and do not pay enough attention to the details. Board examination questions have a way of being tricky and slipping in the information. If students aren’t careful enough, they always run a risk of leaving out crucial marks. That is why students need to develop the habit of reading the questions at least thrice before answering.

If you fear mathematics and think it is not your strong suit or your forte, make necessary changes – follow the aforementioned tips and master the subject in a matter of days.