Hurricane Windows vs. Impact windows: Know the Key Difference

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High-impact windows, or hurricane windows stuart fl, are often used interchangeably. However, another common misconception is that there is a difference between storm and impact-resistant windows.

To what extent, then, are hurricane and high-impact windows interchangeable?

Despite their distinctions, some similarities exist between high-impact and hurricane windows in Stuart, FL. Nonetheless, there are many variants of each, each with its special features and benefits, which will undoubtedly play a role in your final decision. The following article elaborates on the key distinctions between a hurricane and high-impact windows.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Hurricane Windows and High-Impact Windows?

Windows with high-impact resistance are known as high-impact windows, not hurricane ones. Compared to hurricane windows, which employ safety glass, the strength, weight, and cost of impact windows in Fort Lauderdale are entirely due to the usage of impact-resistant glass. Safety glass is used in hurricane windows.

Impact-resistant glass is the strongest kind of glass. High-impact and hurricane windows employ laminated glass. Both rely on advancements in safety glass technology. High-impact windows, on the other hand, have thicker and more durable glass panes and laminations. A laminate is used to unite and reinforce the tempered glass panes.

All hurricane windows should have at least one PVB layer to make the glass more durable and less prone to shatter into dangerous shards. If a window pane breaks, the lamination or resin will hold the shards of glass together.

Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale are made up of many panes of PET-laminated glass and PVB layers to withstand impacts from projectiles and other solid objects. This makes them resistant to flying objects and high storm winds. In other words, patio furniture and other heavy things may easily break through hurricane windows, and they won’t resist strikes from other solid objects or flying debris. However, most of them won’t do much more than block the wind unless you choose one with impact-resistant glass.

High-impact windows need wider and stronger window frames.

Only two glass panes and one PVB layer may be utilized as the lamination in hurricane windows. There could be several laminate layers of particular kinds. However, high-impact windows include more than two layers of PVB and PET laminated glass. Due to its structure, the glass is thicker and heavier than hurricane windows. Homeowners can consequently not install impact windows in Fort Lauderdale with standard frames. Instead, they are frequently placed on robust aluminum or polyvinyl chloride frames.

High-impact windows require installers with the requisite expertise and training to handle heavier and thicker lenses. Accidents during installation or carelessness while working with impact-resistant glass might compromise the project’s primary objectives. High-impact windows utilize heavier materials and stronger glass, costing roughly half as much as hurricane windows. The installation requirements are very high, unfortunately. As a result, the cost of both the materials and the labor is more than it would be for hurricane windows.

The installation and quality of the glass are only two of many factors that affect the final price. For example, the installers’ estimates may be impacted by factors such as the extent of the job and its location.

High-impact windows are about twice as expensive as hurricane windows, however. The average price for standard hurricane windows is about $1,200 (not including installation). Costs range from as little as $400 for a fixed hurricane window to more than $2,400 for an operable one.

It’s common for standard high-impact windows to cost about $1,500 without installation. While prices may be as low as $800 in certain cases, that’s still much more than you’d pay for a standard hurricane window.

The Pros and Cons of High-Impact Windows

The most prominent benefit of high-impact windows is their resistance to force, both indirect and direct. These glass panes do not readily flex, bend, or shatter. As a result, they have a great deal of strength and authority. Impact-resistant glass is tested with strong strikes from hammers, axes, etc.

High-impact windows will therefore safeguard your house against hurricanes and robbers. The price and installation, however, are two questionable negatives, especially if you’re on a limited budget or your property needs to be changed for the heavy-duty frames.

Hurricane Windows: Pros and Cons

No threat of bodily injury or material damage may come from hurricane windows in Stuart, FL‘ shattered glass or sharp shards. These glasses are flexible enough to endure high gusts and, even if they break, won’t split. But if your windows break during a storm, your house can experience storm damage.

Even though their low cost and simplicity of installation are undeniable benefits, hurricane windows don’t have sturdy or reinforced frames. In addition, hurricane glasses have little protection against blunt force trauma or projectiles. Despite this, their windows are significantly more robust than normal glass panes.

Final Reflections

Hurricane and impact windows fort lauderdale from WindowMan, FL, are separated into many quality tiers based on their durability and strength. Therefore, it is important to compare various types of safety or impact-resistant glass in light of the primary objectives.