How to use Real Estate Walkthrough Video Marketing to Sell More Property


It can be difficult for anyone to find the right place to call home. You, as a realtor, must ensure that your clients are satisfied with the property you sell. People are sceptical of real estate agents in these modern times because they sell shoebox apartments for spacious two-bedroom apartments.

How can you convince clients that you can provide exactly what they need? This is where real estate marketing comes in! You can expand your real estate business by using the right tools in real estate marketing.

A real estate walkthrough video is one of the most effective ways to sell more properties. You can learn more about this powerful marketing tactic by reading about it.

What is a walkthrough video?

A walkthrough video is a short clip showing a property’s whole layout. It highlights important features such as the appliances’ size, style, and condition. It can be captured using a smartphone or other lightweight device.

You can bring a property to life by creating walkthrough videos. These videos can promote the property and convince potential buyers to buy. These videos allow realtors to display properties effectively and allow buyers to visualise themselves living in a home.

Why use a real estate walkthrough video?

What if you could not see a house before buying it? Not a chance! Buyers want to see every corner of an estate before buying it.

To get potential clients to view their properties, realtors needed to do more than convincing them. They had to show potential customers the property in person. Imagine showing the same property to multiple people! They can now give virtual tours to customers using a video walkthrough of the property (all thanks to the latest videography equipment).

Here are some reasons why video marketing for real estate walkthroughs has become a powerful selling tool.

  • Images are not enough.

While product images are an important part of marketing, they don’t suffice regarding real property. Why? Because it is impossible to capture certain things in a still photo, such as light quality and neighbourhood vibes. A walkthrough video can communicate everything that a photograph cannot.

  • Videos are the Trend

Half of the people spend their day scrolling through their news feeds and the Internet. Studies show that people prefer videos to text and images. Real estate firms can use walkthrough videos to create websites and social media content.

  • Nearly the In-Person Experience

Clients cannot always make personal visits. Many people are busy and don’t have time to visit multiple properties. Others may live in different countries or cities. Some people choose not to visit because they have personal reasons. In these cases, a walkthrough video can prove to be invaluable. This makes the client feel like they are there.

  • Standing out from the rest.

Surprisingly video marketing isn’t very common in real estate right now. While some realtors may not have the budget to produce high-quality videos and others are unaware of the benefits, many still do. A walkthrough video will make your listings stand out among the rest. This will allow you to generate more leads and ultimately sell more properties.

  • Closes Deals Faster

Many questions are common for real estate clients. These questions may include available facilities, nearby surroundings, light quality, etc. A walkthrough video can help realtors answer basic questions and close deals faster. If all their concerns are properly addressed in the video, some clients will not even request an in-person tour.

How to use Walkthrough Videos to Sell More Property

Only if used correctly real estate walkthrough videos can have the desired effect on sales. These are some tips that will help you.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is essential to ensure that things get done correctly. Every real estate video service provider will tell you that it is important to have an objective before starting production. These are some of the things you should consider:

  • Your property’s selling points
  • The script’s basic ideas
  • Budget for production and marketing

2. Make sure the video quality is excellent

Poor walkthrough videos will not work. It will have negative effects on your potential customers. Why? Buyers will be less impressed with your property if they don’t like the video. If you don’t have the equipment or skills, hiring professional real estate walkthrough service providers is best.

3. Promote It Everywhere

It won’t boost sales if you don’t promote your real estate videos effectively, even if they are exceptional. You can post them on your website and social media for increased traffic. To get leads from your viewers, don’t forget to include a lead capture form in the video. These forms can be emailed to those who have expressed interest in purchasing the property.