How To Use Auto Clicker on Chromebook


If you’ve been looking for a way to automate your Chromebook, Auto Clicker might be the extension for you. It allows users to click on links, videos, and other content automatically using an easy-to-use interface.

What is Auto Clicker on Chromebook

An auto clicker is a Chrome extension that allows you to automate the clicking of links on websites. For example, if you want to do your part in increasing the number of people who visit and check out this article, then an auto clicker can help.

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An auto clicker works by allowing you execute commands when clicking on links on websites. This means that instead of having to manually click each link yourself, which could take anywhere from 15 seconds or more depending on how fast your fingers are (I know it’s hard), all you have to do is install an extension like Auto Clicker on Chromebook and let it do its thing!

How to Install Auto Clicker on Chromebook

First, you will need to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. To do this, open your Chromebook browser and go to the chrome web store by clicking on “Google” in the top-right corner. Then search for Auto Clicker for Chromebook and click Install (if it doesn’t come up automatically).

When you click install, allow permissions if prompted by default; this is also necessary if you’re running an older version of Google’s operating system than 53 or higher but don’t worry! When I installed mine back in July of 2018 when my computer was running Chrome OS 69 – which was still quite old at that time – all I had to do was accept all three requests for permission before hitting continue anyway:

  • Accessibility services * Storage * Media storage

Use Auto Clicker on Chromebook

  • Open the extension from your Chrome browser
  • Click on the button to start or stop Auto Clicker
  • Click on the button a third time to open a new tab with the auto clicker’s settings page (see below)

FAQ – Auto Clicker for Chromebook

If you’re looking to use Auto Clicker on a Chromebook, here are some of the most common questions we’ve received.

Q1. Does Auto Clicker work with all Chromebook models?

Auto Clicker works on all Chromebooks that support Chrome OS. This includes both new and used models (including those sold by Acer, Asus, HP and Samsung).

Q2. Is there a way to stop clicking after I’m finished?

Yes! To disable auto clicking in Auto Clicker for Chrome: click the cog icon in the bottom right corner of your browser; then select “Settings”; finally click “Ads” at the top of this page under “General” or “Privacy & Security”.

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An extension that will automatically click browser

Auto Clicker for Chromebook is an extension that will automatically click on any element on your browser. It can be used to open links, images, videos and more.

The Auto Clicker extension is a simple and easy to use extension that allows you to click any element on your browser. Simply press the button and the extension will automatically click that element.


If you want to use your Chromebook and stay focused on the task at hand, then installing Auto Clicker is an essential part of your daily routine. The extension will help you keep track of what you’ve done throughout the day while also ensuring that your laptop stays quiet and free from distractions. We hope that this guide has helped answer any questions about how to get started with Auto Clicker!

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