How to Request an FBI Background Check Apostille Today


Every day we receive inquiries from people who want translation services. FBI Criminal Background checks for studying abroad, residence abroad, non-lucrative visas, or for different consular Visa processing requirements. However, most customers don’t know how to obtain an apostille or a Hague Apostille or have the mandatory US Department of State apostille from the Federal Government. We’re here to help and can even make an application for FBI Apostille services on your behalf of you; FBI Background Check apostille is required for Spain, South Korea, Portugal (Portuguese Golden Visa), Israel, France, and Russia and is often required in Colombia and Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and other areas in Latin America. We suggest that if it is in doubt, request an FBI report from Apostille. We can translate the report from your FBI Background Check in only several hours if required and send it via FedEx overnight. Suppose you only want to know how to obtain an apostille to conduct the purpose of an FBI background investigation. In that case, we’ll explain the entire process of Apostille and all the options thoroughly, together with frequently asked questions about the FBI background check’s authentication procedure.

Furthermore, we have the authority to request an apostille issued by the Federal government on your behalf, should you require it. Using the FBI report, Apostille can averagely speed up the process by 10 to 14 days. In 2022, our typical turnaround time was 42-63 days.

How to Order an FBI Background Check Apostille: As of December 2022, Only Some Options Are Available

  1. You can make your order. Send a request by mail in 10-12 weeks (Average of 2022)
  2. Emergency, Walk-In Service, Currently Not Available in 2022
  3. Federal Apostille Service Providers like us 6- 9 weeks on average (as of December 2022)
  • We speed up our time faster when we ship to or from DC by overnight delivery all day long.
  • We utilise the same shipping labels, processes and forms 4194, as well as payments that we do; they are never rejected
  • The small and skilled team has been in the same place for more than 15 years.
  • We don’t outsource any aspect of our process, including Customer service, delivery, or payments.

4. You can request a state affidavit to conduct the FBI Background check (valid only in rare circumstances) for 7-10 days. We would not recommend this procedure as it was acceptable in 2020, but it’s not now. Be aware that some organisations may require a state-wide apostille without telling you that they will do so, which is likely to be denied. If an agency tells you they will issue your Apostille within a few days or less, they’re asking for a state-wide apostille.

Clarification: Do You Need an Apostille for the Spanish Translation, the Original Document or Both?

Several countries, including Colombia, Portugal, Ecuador and Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and often Mexico, need the translation to be issued an official state-issued apostille. This is on top of the Federal United States Department of State apostille issued for the initial background check. In simple words, if you’re sending documents to Colombia, it is necessary to obtain the background check conducted by the federal government and its Apostille. Once you have it, it will be translated. Finally, the certified and notarized translation must also be issued an apostille issued by the state that the document was translated into French, Portuguese or Spanish. Several other translators, and we can order an apostille for your translation. We can get the Spanish, French or Portuguese translation approved in 4-7 days with our speedy, expedited apostille service, which comes with overnight delivery.