How To Pick Right Elastic For Your Sewing Projects

braided elastic band

Did you know that using elastic in sewing allows you to stretch your fabric better to keep it in position? It’s also used for growing babies or worn clothes for comfort made to be in place.

Picking the Right Elastic for Your Sewing Project

Elastics are among the incredible inventions in the current era. They are invested in a wide range to be used in different projects and purposes. Therefore, this article will guide you in understanding some of the popular types of elastics. Also, what type to select depending on your sewing project.

  • Braided Elastics

It is the most probable type anyone can think of while picturing elastic. It has parallel along with its length, is light in weight, and appears narrow while stretched. The braided elastic band has the most extended lifespan among other elastics, therefore, getting heavy use. Note that it quickly loses its stretch while pierced.

When to Use It

In most cases, it is used inside sleeve hems, such as the necklines of dresses. Currently, it’s also considered sewing face masks.

  • Knit Elastic

It is the perfect elastic for garments. It is soft against the skin. Unlike a braided elastic band,  it doesn’t narrow when stretched and doesn’t lose its stretch when pierced. Its commonly sewn against fabric but directly on a project that has contact on the skin.

When To Use It

It is considered a perfect elastic for wash and wears items. Also, it is excellent for light to midweight fabrics. Alternatively, it can be applied directly to the fabric, making it a perfect choice for pajama pants and garments where the elastic touches the body.

  • Woven Elastics

Woven elastics are super strong, often referred to as “no roll elastics.” It has distinctive vertical and horizontal ribs that don’t allow it to stretch. It can also sew through it without weakening.

Where To Use It

It is excellent for mid-to-heavy fabric, perfect for casting in bags, home decors, games, and outwear.

  • Fold over Elastics

It is plushy and smooth on one side to decide on which side will be visible. Fold-over elastic cones in a wide range of colors. They can be a bit stretchy against the skin, which requires you to handle them with care.

Where To Use It

It’s ideal for fishing edges in the stretch fabric where you need a smooth, close fit that can retain the stretch. Its also suitable for underwear, athletic apparel, and any other clothes using knit fabric.

  • Lingerie Elastic

It is known to be a subtribe of elastics and the most common type of knitting. It comes with a wide range of texture and color with a pretty decorative edge.  It also has a plushy side for comfort against the skin. For creativity, you can show it off on the outside of your garment.

Where To Use It

It’s a perfect elastic for lingerie, bras, and underwear.


With various kinds of elastic available for selection, keep in mind that they are not one size fits all. Note that all elastic begins with a rubber that is wrapped in fiber then woven. At any point in life, you shouldn’t find challenges in picking the right type of elastic for your project, having known various kinds of elastic and their uses.