How to Increase Your Car Sales Using Conquest Email?

Conquest Email Marketing

Car marketing and sales are among the most competitive segments, and if you are a dealer, you may know that you have to deal with difficult marketing challenges to keep your business afloat.

Conquest marketing is the strategy of pulling away prospective clients from your competitors and convince them to buy from you. It is not easy.

One of the most effective tools of this category of marketingis conquest email marketing. Read on to more.

About Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a part of your total marketing process as it is known to bring about positive results – higher conversions and returns on investment (ROI).

There are some useful email marketing tips for car dealers:

  • Update your email list

You have to create an updated list and check the following:

  • Spam email addresses
  • Invalid email addresses
  • Hard bounces 
  • Complainers

Plan carefully before you spend your resources on email data because it should result in potential clients and not go to waste. A good option is to go for a system of a permission-based list of targets and email addresses.

  • Share mobile responsive emails

Nowadays, most of the population use smartphones. Emails that you share with your prospects should appear attractive to them in terms of look and content. Otherwise, your emails would go unread.

To check the visual appeal of your mails, you should first ensure that it is displayed properly on different types of devices. If you are satisfied with the work, then only you should send them to your target audience.

  • Personalized and triggered emails

Add a personal touch to your emails. You can add a greeting, address by the first name, etc., before you inform about your automobiles in the text body. Thank them or insert a farewell note at the end with your signature.

You have to track the customer’s behavior and send triggered emails so that there is a higher chance of conversion or retention of customers. Also, send emails to your clients or prospects on special occasions like marriages, anniversaries, etc.

  • Connecting with existing clients

Conquest email marketing would work well with your existing clients also. Mail your existing clients about new car models available with you, remind them about their car servicing, invitations to dealership events and greet them on special occasions.

  • Follow-up and reply

Instead of waiting for conversions, you should follow up on your email-generated leads, track their responses, and reply to their queries. This may result in positive outcomes.

  • Special offers

Usually, clients are unaware of the special offers available with car dealers. You can share emails informing them about incentives, discounts, etc. 

For high-value targets, you can offer exclusive deals and promotional discounts for several services like oil change, car waxing, polishing, wheel alignments, etc.

Also, inform your staff about the marketing strategy process so that they can handle client queries and interact with them with proper knowledge regarding the offers, services, etc. Your clients must trust you.


Conquest email marketing effectively converts your target audience into buyers and retains your existing clients. However, use the tips discussed as much as possible to make your campaign a success and be trustworthy to your clients.