How to Draw A Cartoon Mouth Easily

Cartoon Mouth Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Mouth. Our mouth is an important feature of our face for many reasons. We use them for purposes ranging from consuming food and water to talking and smiling with others.

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They can certainly be quite difficult to draw for such an important feature! Both amateur and experienced artists have had difficulty drawing a cartoon mouth.

If you are also struggling with this, you have come to the right place! This tutorial is the right place if you want to know how to do it.

How to Draw A Cartoon Mouth

Step 1

The cartoon mouth design we will create in this tutorial will face to the side, and the mouth will be in a fun and expressive pose!

We’ll keep things simple in this first step of the tutorial, which means we’ll draw the top line of the lip outline.

The line starts thin and slightly wavy on the left but becomes two rounded, wavy lines near the right edge.

Once this top pattern is done, we can proceed to the second step of the tutorial!

Step 2

Later in this guide, if you refer to the images of how to draw a cartoon mouth, you’ll see that the two lips are separate pieces that are connected.

With that in mind, let’s draw the rest of the upper lip outline as its part.

Fortunately, this should be an easy task! You must draw a curved stripe at the base of the stripe you drew in the earlier step.

This curved line is smooth and simple, connecting both sides of the top outline. The reference image will show you what it should look like, and then let’s move on!

Step 3

We’ll leave the upper lip for now while we start working on the lower part of the mouth.

The mouth will be wide open when smiling, and we will use more rounded and curved lines coming down from the upper lip.

This is a part of the guide where you can refer to the reference image as you draw, as these lines are quite a specific shape.

Once you have these outlines drawn, you can use another curved line to draw the bottom lip so we can add more detail in step 4.

Step 4

You’ve completed the lip outline of your cartoon mouth design, and now we’ll add some interior elements. In particular, we draw the outlines of the two rows of teeth and the tongue.

We can trace the outlines of the teeth with a few simple, smooth, curved lines in the mouth that run parallel to the lips.

Next, we’ll add some easily curved stripes between the rows of teeth for the lingo.

The teeth may look like two solid rows, but we’ll add some detail for each segment when we get to the final details in the next step.

Step 5

Before we add some colors in the last step of this cartoon mouth drawing guide, we need to add a few more details.

Draw A Cartoon Mouth

These details mainly relate to the rows of teeth in the mouth. You can use simple vertical lines along the teeth to show where they are apart.

Once you’ve drawn the teeth as they appear in the reference image, you’re ready for this final step!

Before proceeding, feel free to add a few more details!

Some ideas would be to draw the lips in different positions, or you could get ambitious and draw a little more face around them.

Step 6

It’s time to finish this drawing with amazing colors! In our reference image, we used some bright reds and pinks for the lips to make them look covered in bright lipstick.

Cartoon Mouth Drawing

You can use similar colors to ours if you like the look, but there are plenty of other colors to choose from if you want a lipstick look!

Alternatively, you can opt for a few more muted tones to give the image a natural look. Different tools and artistic media would suit different preferences.

For example, watercolors would be great for a natural look, while some colored pencils would be great for glossy lipstick.

Your Cartoon Mouth Drawing is Finished!