How To Ace NAPLAN Year 7 Practice Tests Exams?

year 7 naplan practice tests online

Naplan Year  7 exams are an essential yardstick in the life of junior high school students. It’s considered as often the first exposure to professional academic testing for them. So, scoring high is regarded as something many students wish to achieve.

Critical Areas for Year 7 NAPLAN Practice

  1. Reading Skills:- This section of the test focuses on assessing the child’s reading skills. The child’s interest in the stories, poems, and other fiction pieces is measured here through their understanding of the text given. Comprehension and vocabulary aspects are strengthened through this NAPLAN test practice.
  1. Writing Skills:- Here, NAPLAN practice tests year 7 helps improve a child’s writing skills. This involves crafting articles based on imaginative writing and persuasive writing. A stimulus is given, such as the box, a city, or a country, where students have to frame original writing articles. These are judged on different criteria such as content, syntax, character formation, etc.
  1. Language Conventions:- A child’s spelling, grammar, or punctuation abilities are tested in this section. The student is asked to correct the misspelled word, fill the missing punctuation marks, correct sentences based on regular and irregular tenses.No wonder, practice for NAPLAN tests helps students gain mastery over these academic subjects.
  1. Numeracy:- This part of the test focuses on analyzing your child’s mathematical skills in terms of basic and advanced math operations such as addition, subtraction, finding the area of given figures such as rectangle, square, etc., Three main content areas of math:- Numbers and Algebra, statistics and probability, measurement and geometry are covered under this set.

 Measures To Clear Naplan Year 7 Exams:-

Keeping in mind the importance of NAPLAN year 7 tests, it is imperative to find the right coaching or guidance to clear them successfully. You can adopt one or more than one approaches to help your child get through this challenging test:-

  • Effective Online Coaching:- NAPLAN 7-year practice material such as practice tests are available at a reasonable fee. Testchamp is one such website dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive NAPLAN tests practice.
  • Hiring An Experienced Tutor:- You can also opt for one-to-one tutoring sessions for your child. Highly experienced teachers are well aware of the changing pattern, syllabus, etc., of NAPLAN year 7 tests. So, engaging their teaching services can indeed lead the child to acquire improved learning levels. A personal tutor or teacher can also be hired to help the child practice for the NAPLAN year 7 test, which are available for purchase at TestChamps.
  • Helping The Child Practice:- You can train your child in gaining these competent skills by making them practice, solve test material, assignments, and a whole lot of other study material available both offline and online.


NAPLAN practice tests are an essential milestone in a child’s academic journey. So, choose the best option available to meet your child’s needs.