How Practice Tests Can Help Students in their Exams?

ignite program practice tests sa

The Department of Education in South Australia has a program called Ignite for students with high intellectual potential, which is available at Glenunga International High School, The Heights School, and Aberfoyle Park High School.

What is the Ignite Program?

The Ignite program caters to gifted and talented students by providing accelerated learning programs beginning in year 7. Students are chosen for the Ignite program based on their performance in an ACER assessment, also known as the Ignite test.

Reading Comprehension, Writing, Quantitative and Abstract Reasoning are all part of the exam. The Ignite program is available at three South Australian schools, including Glenunga International High School.

Who is This Test for?

This test will be aimed at students entering Year 7 in 2023 who are at “Secondary Level – 1.”In general, tests are held in February each year, but the test for entry in 2023 has been postponed to March 22 due to Covid concerns.

Benefits of Practice Tests for School Children    

Builds Stamina

Selective School Tests are like a sprint, where students need to perform under time pressure, and this can be exhausting even for the good students.

Students should take practice tests to build their exam-taking endurance, just as bodybuilders gradually work up to heavier weights over time. The first test or two may be exhausting, but with more practice the easier it will be to test for hours on end.

Learn the Quirks of the Test

Tests are designed to determine what students know and don’t know. Unfortunately, they are rarely as straightforward as they might expect. Ignite online practice tests SA differ significantly from other conventional tests, which is why taking practice tests is beneficial. 

Students become accustomed to quirks in the exam’s design by repeatedly testing themselves. Knowing the format inside and out not only makes the students more comfortable with the process but also allows them to better prepare their own personal study strategies.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

It’s difficult to understand what students don’t understand. This is where practice tests come in handy. They may believe they have the breeze through the analogies section of the exam, but if their practice results show a less-than-stellar performance, they can refocus their study efforts. 

Confidence is good, but the results of multiple practice tests can confirm whether they are as knowledgeable as they believe they are – or whether they need to improve their study skills.

Removes Anxiety

In all likelihood, their test results will have a significant impact. Getting a good score in the Ignite test will mean they can get into a good school of their choice, so they are probably feeling tense.

Practice is one way to ensure maximum comfort and minimal anxiety. The more often they take practice tests, the more natural it will feel on test day. On the big day, they will have plenty to think about. While it’s natural to be nervous about a high-stakes exam, the more practice tests they take, the less anxious they will be.

Track Their Progress

It’s impossible to know where they are going unless they know where they have been. Tracking students’ progress can help them determine which study strategies are effective for them and which should be abandoned. 

Even establishing a baseline with a single practice test can provide them with the information they need to know which areas require their attention. Of course, the greater the number of data points, the more complete the picture becomes. Take several practice tests and graph their results to get a sense of their progress.

Wrapping Up

Since the Ignite program exam is available to students in Year 6, many parents decide to register their children as soon as possible. But there’s a catch: the IGNITE exam can only be taken once. It means your child will only have one chance to ace their test.

Furthermore, they will compete with talented applicants who have had extra practice for the exam. With Ignite Program Practice Tests SA, your child will be able to become acquainted with the test format and efficiently answer questions across core learning areas.