How Personal Injury Lawyers Investigate Claims

West Palm Beach wrongful death attorney

Wrongful death claims allow the family of the deceased to find answers to the many questions they have and to get compensation for the unjust death of their loved one.

For compensation to be paid in full, you have to prove that the death was a result of another person’s negligent actions. The best way to do this is to work with a West Palm Beach wrongful death attorney. The lawyer uses various approaches to prove liability and make sure you get compensated.

Let us look at the various ways the lawyer utilizes to confirm wrongful death.

First Things First

The lawyer has to assess the claim and determine if it is valid. He will tell you whether the case is worth pursuing before you go ahead and spend thousands on filing fees. Once he is assured that the case holds water, he advises you to go ahead and file the case.

“Nearly 95,000 people die each year from medical errors that can be prevented. These include 7,000 deaths due to wrongful medication administered.”

Before the lawyer comes up with a strategy to investigate the death, one of the family members must file a claim within a specific period to beat the deadline. Only after filing the claim can the lawyer go-ahead to begin his investigations.

Preliminary Investigations

Before the West Palm Beach wrongful death attorney takes up the case, he performs a brief preliminary investigation to establish the validity of your case and identify the negligent party in the entire case.

During the process, the lawyer takes a closer look at the incident. This involves talking to various witnesses, looking at surveillance videos, medical reports, and analyzing the crime scene forensics.

Each case is unique, which means that the process will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. For instance, if your loved one passed on due to a faulty product, the lawyer might focus on the product’s safety labels, marketing of the product, and any other elements related to a product liability case. If the death happened on the job, then the investigation focuses on proving mismanagement and negligence.

The Discovery Phase

The lawyer engages in a discovery period whereby he attempts to find as many details about the accident. This is when he requests documents from all entities, including defense attorneys, insurance companies, and any other entity involved. The documents requested include medical reports, insurance policies, police reports, accident reports, coroner’s reports, and any other documents that can give insight into what happened and who is at fault.

Establishing Damages

The aim of investigations is also to establish the damages that occurred due to the death. Most of the damages are easy to assess because they are directly related to economic costs, such as medical bills or funeral expenses. The lawyer also tries to establish noneconomic damages. He uses interrogations to get the entire story

Wrongful death Claims Don’t have to Take Too Long

When you work with a reputable West Palm Beach wrongful death attorney, you reduce the time spent on the process and increase the chances of receiving full compensation. Talk to a lawyer today to get started on a wrongful death claim the right way.