How Numeracy Example Test is helpful for NAPLAN Year 3 Preparation

How Numeracy Example Test is helpful for NAPLAN Year 3 Preparation

Improve your child’s score with online practice papers such as NAPLAN Year 3 Numeracy Example Test. We all know that the two important factors to success are hard work and practice. And you can use a lot of material to practice NAPLAN and other exams, including Selective Entrance Tests and Scholarship Exams (for NSW, VIC, QLD, WA & SA) from some trusted platforms.

First, let’s get to know about the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). It is an assessment examination taken by Australian students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 to assess a child’s basic skills in English and numeracy . It was introduced into schools in 2008 by the ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority). By taking the NAPLAN tests, students can firmly demonstrate their  abilities necessary for academic learning and everyday life. NAPLAN Tests used to be taken in the 2nd full week of May but this will change from 2023 to early March

You can get ahead with the help of this NAPLAN Year 3 Numeracy Example Test provided by Test Champs. When you go through these test papers, you will find both the questions and answers written in the same way as that of NAPLAN Numeracy tests. Seventeen varied questions are included, from geometry, chance, time, data display, measurement, angles, number value, and money.

NAPLAN Year 3 practice tests are perfect for revising. With the questions available in the test, children can practise key numeracy skills. They will feel more confident about their skills and knowledge in the long run. These NAPLAN Year 3 practice tests also contain a handy set of answers.

Important reasons for choosing Numeracy Example Test

Here are some of the important reasons for choosing test papers for practicing –

1. Free Trial – Before buying any practice paper, you can attempt a free trial test for each learning area.

2. Timer – All the tests have timed test conditions that help the students achieve success in the real assessment. When a child attempts the NAPLAN Year 3 Example Test provided, the child is timed automatically, thus bringing a lot of awareness about the test timing. 

3.  Immediate Results – After the test is completed, you will get the result immediately with clear answers and solutions. You will also get a detailed progress test report. There will be no need to do marking by tutors or parents as you get the marked results immediately except for the Writing tests, which will take up to two business days to be marked by an expert teacher,

4. Know the latest format – There is a format change and an increment in the complexity of questions with the constant changes in the NAPLAN from paper to online. The experienced teachers present in the Test Champs team keep track of the changes and ensure that the practice tests are as real as possible.

5. Boost child confidence – It’s widely known that practice makes a child perfect. The more tests the child attempts, the more confident he will become. 

6. Self-paced Test – All the tests are self-paced. So, the students can attempt the practice tests according to their schedule.

7. Available bundles and individual tests – At TEST Champs, various options are available for students. You can either purchase a complete bundle where you will get practice test papers for all the subjects or choose individual tests accordingly.

Also, parents and tutors can use these practice tests to help the child prepare for the examination. They can also analyze and track their progress through clear solutions and detailed reports.

Children can access and practice NAPLAN Year 3 Numeracy Example Tests from “TEST Champs” / “”. There is no need to be nervous; do the hard work and practice these tests to ace the NAPLAN.