How is Richard Commins Helping Students with His Innovations?

Richard Commins

Project Dash (Driving All Students Home) was developed in collaboration with NUI Galway students. Students can use the program to take taxis even if they don’t have a credit card or mobile phone. Since the program’s introduction at Galway in Galway Carlow, many students have registered to use the services.

Richie Commins was at UCC today as part of the project rollout. He is a final-year student in NUI Galway’s business information system program.

He explained that Dash was created as a college assignment to help the student solve his problem.

He said he had done extensive research on the historical tragic events and found that most of them happen late at night when students walk along the streets.

“We spent a lot of time designing, testing and evaluating this system before it was officially launched.

“This campaign is designed to crowd colleges and make taxis more accessible to students, regardless of where they’re located in the country, especially in dire circumstances.”

Register for a free account at Upload your ID photo, upload the bank account used to pay for emergency taxis and create a 4-digit pin.

Students need to provide their names and dash pins to the driver. The driver can verify their accounts via the driver’s mobile app. The driver uses the photo to confirm the fare before they process the payment via the app when they arrive at their destination. Mr. Richard Commins stated, “It was incredible to receive the support & assistance from all of the people in Cork.”

We received an overwhelming response from taxi companies and are delighted to launch our concept in Ireland. He said that students in Cork would have the opportunity to use Dash within the next few weeks anywhere in the country.

Cork Taxi Co-op has teamed up with ABC Taxis.

Colin O’Mara, Cork Taxi Cooperative’s CEO, said that Richie and Project Dash are a great partnership to ensure UCC students return home safely and sound.

Richard Commins was a creative and talented programmer who made the process simple despite not having any programming skills. He developed a unique, downloadable app and has already received downloads from the App Store. App Store.

Richard answered questions about the idea behind the app. He said he wanted to “try to make an app that addresses certain current issues in Ireland without putting people under excessive economic or political burdens.”